November 30, 2010

At My House
Its seems I've had a bit of blogging break - it wasn't intentional, ive just been so busy with work, home and finishing up some orders ...I'm a little exhausted both physically and mentally.
I also need to clear my craft room - its crazy scary in there... ha-ha

Such a busy time of the year and I cant believe Christmas is just around the corner!! I have a long long list of presents to buy & things to make, I also need to write and send out Christmas cards feeling frazzled,
I just want to relax!

On a happier note - fresh flowers are always lovely in the home
I bought 3 bunches on Saturday and she gave me a bunch for free - it was 10minutes until her closing time but I thought that was lovely of her - such pretty colours don't you think?

have a FABulous Wednesday everyone!!

November 25, 2010

Summer Days
Its so hot outside today - another few days and Summer will officially start
but I think its here already!

I love those long Summer days....
After some strange weather this month I'm looking forward to warming up!

...last night after dinner we went for a long evening stroll with the boys - there was still lots of light as we walked around aimlessly
checking out our ever changing neighbourhood.

It was a nice way to stretch the legs and catch up with our boys who are both little chatterboxes!

images by Craig Fordham for UK Country Living

my boy turned 8 today,
hip hip hooray to my darling Peter!!

i made a batch of cupcakes to take to his class - the house was smelling super sweet and sugary all day!
lots of sticky gooey goodness to celebrate...on Sunday we're having a family gathering to celebrate all over again!

November 23, 2010

Wrap it up...

Some new twine in the shop!
and baby pink/white
along with all your other favourite colours - so fun!!!
Ive also been punching flowers to make some embellished twine for all those pretty parcels - it is after all the time of wrap them up with pretty love!!
Something new in the shop as well as my 'Flea Market' section where I'll be listing vintage paper ephemera and vintage books!
Ive already sold a few items and cant wait to list more Flea market paper goodness...

Im off to see 'The Jersey Boys' tonight - ive been looking forward to it for weeks!!
Hope you have a FAB night too!!

November 21, 2010

little pop of sweetness....
I made some mini chocolate truffles the other day, they are so easy to make and can be stored in fridge for a few days (if they last that long....)
perfect for when you crave that little sweet something during the day.

I made these using fresh bread crumbs instead of sweet biscuits just to make them a little healthier (haha...or so i like to think!)
you could even use WeetBix or crushed cereal flakes

200 g fresh bread crumbs
1 can condensed milk (skim is healthier)
150 g dark chocolate - chopped
handful of sultanas (optional)
shredded coconut for rolling

add crumbs and sultanas in a large bowl
heat condensed mil and chocolate in small saucepan over low heat until chocolate is melted
pour over crumb mixture - Mix it all up
Chill for 10 minutes until frim
Roll mixture into little balls and roll into the coconut - refrigerate and eat cold

November 18, 2010

Colour Inspiration: delicate Blues and White
How is everyone today?
im feeling a little slow myself - this week is dragging on for me and I cant wait for some time out ....

Some colour inspiration - soft blue and white
a timeless conservative colour combination, such pretty images right?
Flickr never fails to inspire my senses....

to see details of these images click here

November 16, 2010

Its Coffee Time!

Yes it is!!
ITs amazing how soothing a cup of hot coffee makes you feel after a busy day!
im off to pick up my boys from school so I need an energy boost as the afternoons get a little crazy here...

how do you perk up? Do you drink , eat or do anything special to get some energy?!

Image: Chase and Sanborn Coffee Ad from 1961

November 13, 2010

A Girl called Kristina
I hope you're all having a lovely weekend so far!
Today we're heading over to Stockholm to meet a new creative girl - Kristina.
She's a talented illustrator and fun time blogger who loves all things girly and beautiful!

Welcome Kristina!
Can you tell us what is currently inspiring you?
Currently I am very inspired by interiors.
I am in love with my IKEA catalog and too much time in my day is spent looking at blogs which showcase gorgeous interiors and design.
I can easily spend hours in magazine shops as well, flipping through home magazines from all countries.
I really want to start designing wallpapers and fabrics to be using in decorating gorgeous homes.

Name 3 things you couldnt live without?
Pretty pictures, beautiful music,
and my soulmate Johan.
Life would be so boring with out a little romance.

Can you define to us, your personal style?
My style is classic but not too boring, simple with somesort of twist,
sexy (not too showy), sweet but not too cutesy, and hopefully my own.
I wear a lot of skirts and dresses and feel most comfortable dressed up...I never ever ever wear sweats or casual wear.
I like to feel feminine, wear red lipstick, and not follow trends or ‘fashion rules’ (such as no white after Labor Day.)

Favourite colour (or colour combinations)?
I adore pink but I would say my favorite color is blue.
I love all sorts of blues, navy, royal, cobalt, light blue, turquoise, and especially Tiffany’s gorgeous signature blue. I think everyone and everything looks gorgeous in blue.

Favourite Smell/Frangrance?
Surprizingly I am not much of a perfume lady even though I have spent many hours drawing fragrances.
I very rarely wear perfume and if I do it’s something subtle like Stella McCartney’s 'In Two Peony' or Victoria’s Secret 'Divine'.
I adore smells from my kitchen like lime zest, smoky tea, rosemary (or any fresh herb), bacon, anything baking (especially if it involves chocolate), wine and even ripe cheeses.

What do you love about your City?
Stockholm is just gorgeous.
I especialy love that it is so close to nature and the water and quiet spaces yet also has a city centre that is interesting, cultural, and lively.
I love that you can walk through the entire city in just a few hours but you will never really discover every corner.

Do you have a favourite quote you'd like to share with us?
“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”
-Coco Chanel

Thanks so much Kristina for stopping by - to see more of Kirstina's work head on over to her inspiring BLOG gorgeous ETSY shop where she offers her prints, cards and other fun items (love these writing sets!)

November 12, 2010

Toffee Magazine!
Have you all heard about Toffee magazine?
Its a FAB new e-mag and the first issue is out now!!
This issue includes a toffeelicious craft filled center with extra 24 pages of high resolution printables
patterned papers, vintage paper dolls, embroidery patterns, sewing patterns, knitting patterns, an amazing advent calendar and other Christmas crafty ideas...and so much more - a real bargain at only $2.99!!!

I super excited about Toffee magazine as I was a contributer in this issue, sharing 3 Paper craft projects that you can make with the free papers that are included - so much fun!!....Grab your copy today!!

November 9, 2010

My eldest boy turns 8 in two weeks time - he's been reminding us about his Birthday from way back in August haha...
I love how kids get excited about their special day, they know what they want to receive, how they'll celebrate, whom they'll doesnt mean I nod my head to everything but it is cute to see the excitement!
This year I decided to have an outdoor family lunch to celebrate his birthday - when the family gets together there's about 23 of us so im praying for clear skies
so we can eat outdoors....less clutter and mess inside!
I also promised Pete that Id take a small group of his friends to the movies and then out for hot Pizza early next month - he's happy with that and
so the planning starts!!

i love love this celebration layout in this month's Australian Gourmet Traveller - its such a FAB magazine!! all about Travel + Food! what could be a better combination, right?

*images from Gourmet Traveller

November 7, 2010

Colour inspiration: Purple Orange and Green
What a morning!
I was ready for work (on time too for a change) and my car has a dummy spit - completely zonked out...I spent the morning waiting for my dad, pushing it out of the driveway and sparking it to life so we can get to the mechanic ...on top of that I didnt score any Oprah Tickets so not happy!

At least im home now and I get to play with glue & paper - being creative, thats always a good thing!
Inspired by this 'soft focus' page in an old Vogue, I loved the colours and so created a card to match....what do you think?

Polka Dots
So in todays newspaper they had a snippet that Polka dots are back in fashion...
and Im like
....when did they ever go away?

have a dotty week ahead everyone!!
images: top by Ellen Von Unwerth bottom by Arthur Elgort

November 3, 2010

in your lilac dreams
Having a bit of a Lilac moment....its always such an inspiring shade for me

I think lilac could (should!) be the perfect new neutral
-it always looks fresh teamed with white
but also looks fantastic with
chocolate brown....the colour list is endless!
....okay you get it, i heart Lilac!

*vintage fashion in New York city found via google images (photographer unknown)
*Lilac Chevron print from August Empress (free download here - so beautiful!!!) found
via Calico & Co
*Lilac Dreams - tags in my shop now!

November 2, 2010

At my house: Rose Cordial
Today started off wet and dreary but the sun forced its way out and it turned out to be a lovely day! Yayy!
It was my day off and as I was going through some old papers I found a recipe I scribbled down from Andrew's Aunt many years ago
- Rose Cordial
it looked easy enough so I gave it a go!

Ive always loved this syrupy sweet cordial - its offered everywhere in Cyprus and Greece, even the local cafes will have it on the menu!
Usually served with ice cold water for hot summer days or
with chilled milk to young kids ( or big kids like me!) i think it would be yummy as frozen iceblocks too!
here is the recipe if you'd like to try it

Rose Cordial
500g sugar
3 cups water
1/4 cup rose water
drops of pink food colouring

Boil sugar and water. Add the rose water and food colouring. Simmer on low heat until thick & syrupy (still runny)
Store in a bottle.

for more 'At My House' posts head on over to Lou's lovely blog!

*top image by me
bottom image from .Nevara on Flickr
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