August 29, 2007

Cut & Snip

so its been a little quiet in our household. My big boy is away skiing and we miss him a lot but Ive my little ones keeping me company and I get loads of cuddles and attention. With work and everything in between , the days go by real fast!!

Ive spent my lonely nights crafting and cutting out vintage images whilst watching TV. Im hooked on Anthony Bourdain’s ‘No Reservations’( the guy!!!)
Miami Ink and (eeek!!) a new addiction ‘the girls of the Playboy Mansion’….its quite entertaining actually and Hugh Hefner is a hoot…haha how sad of me!!
whats even sadder is when the girls were doing a book signing on one of the episodes and some mothers were there with the tweenies saying ‘Ohhh ohhh my daughter wants to be a playboy bunny too’…. Now that’s just weird….

I found these vintage school reader books the other day – such sweet illustrations! love stuff like this!

Here are the images I have been cutting
I have 4 large Burda and Simplicity books from the 60’s and they have about 1000pages each so Im stocked up – the illustrations are really happy and make me smile!!
If anyone wants some images, Im more than happy to swap some – just email me! Im after black and white vintage images....

Im busy making some papergoods for
Meet me at Mike’s second store which is opening in Melbourne next month.
Very exciting for me to have some of my stuff in a real shop!! Its on consignment and I think Pip is such a wonderful supporter of Handmade goodness!
Cant wait to visit her store one day – it looks like so much fun and they have embroidery nights– how cool!!!

I also got this bag in the mail yesterday – its from Paula’s OtchiPotchi range and is just beautiful!!! It will be my Summer weekend tote – love it!!

I got a bonus at work so I splurged on a new leather bag last month, I felt a little guilty as it wasn’t a cheap purchase and I am a huge bargain hunter but I think I deserve it…. Work is crazy most days!

August 26, 2007

Dreamy day....

How Id love to just stay home today... im still in my pyjamas and slippers, hair up in a messy state, face unwashed. I have a warm cup of tea nearby. My boys are still sleeping....what a quiet moment.

Its going to be a lovely day, the sun is almost awake and I can hear the birds singing.... its so nice to stop for a moment just to listen....
I have so much to do but I think I'll have to take the boys out today as to keep them indoors on such a fine day would be such a waste!
Spring is around the corner and I cant wait!

I found these pictures on Sarah Kaye dreamy, i love the lighting, colours and beautiful detail!

Top two images by Daniel Farmer
Bottom image by Sandra Lane

Have a wonderful Sunday!

August 24, 2007

....Tied Up with string....
these are a few of my favourite things....
I love that song from 'The Sound of Music' what a feel good movie huh?
maybe I should go rent it on DVD...I need a little pick me up.
Andrew has been away for work all week and then he is off skiing with friends next week so its been a little tiring for me ... the boys and I spent a night at my parents during the week and that was a lot of fun!
My mum looks after them when I go to work so I thought it would be great to sleep over, then just wake up and head off to work. In my mind I was planning to stop at a cafe before work for great coffee and a hearty breakfast ....nothing like that happened of course.
My mornings are crazy I tell you...Im always rushing to get everyone ready then off I go to battle the morning traffic. No complaints is good!

A while back I took part in Diary Project 2008
where each page of the diary was designed/illustrated by a different blogger. I had May 15th as my was a simple drawing and I started with the top pattern which then reminded me of calamari rings so I drew the little girl fishing haha...
anyway the Diaries are now available to buy through the above link or through etsy
A great gift idea!

Top pic is an altered matchbox - the theme was Summer

August 22, 2007

Illustration Friday - Captain

All aboard the love boat!!

Bon Voyage!

August 18, 2007

Busy busy day....

Today I did loads of washing, the sun was nice and strong so I took advantage and hung everything out to dry.
I can see thunder clouds looming in the distance so hope everything dries before rain comes.
I took the boys for haircuts, stopped at the fruit grocer and got some more supplies as I promised my niece I would bake and decorate her birthday cake! I think Im going to keep it simple but I have a pink and white colour scheme in mind. I love how Tessa Kiros decorated this cake! gorgeous!

Speaking of gorgeous, look what came in the mail from Karianne!
This is for the Happy swap that was organised by Karen. The deal was to buy something that makes you happy and to meet a new blogging friend!
Thats what swaps are all about!
What a beautiful girly box and have a peek inside - so many lovely things! its made me very happy!!

Ive finished my two projects for the magazine, my kitchen has been sent off to all the girls involved
so lately Ive been craving for some more crafty challenges.....
so Ive signed up for this swap and this one
and Im also taking part in a Round Robin book collabaration that Dede is organising! Its something new for me!! should be fun!

Have a FAB weekend everyone!!

* Top image from 'Italian Joy' by Carla Coulson
* Cake Image from 'Apples for Jam' by Tessa Kiros
both books are highly recommended!!!!!!

August 16, 2007

Illustration Friday - Emergency

Emergency, Emergency

paging Dr.Beat

(80's music always gets me going....)

August 12, 2007

a Happy Day !!

My niece (and god-daughter) Stephanie turns 10 today!
what a wonderful day!
10!!! double digits!! Wow...cant believe how fast the years have gone..

I made this card for her special day! Its actually an A4 size so a jumbo sized card...I might add some ribbon so she can hang it up in her room.

Whilst crafting the other night, we had 'Babel' on DVD...oh my! I cried and cried some more...what a depressing movie! cant stop thinking about it...

Anyway here is a pic of me with baby Stephanie on her christening day...almost 10years ago!!!
what a sweet baby she was! I was so excited to be an auntie for the first time! she was leaning back trying to see the church's ornate ceiling! I almost dropped her!!

August 11, 2007

Just Fabulous!

Domino mag used to have a great challenge in their monthly mag...'Turn this outfit into a room'
so when Decor8 and fabulous stationery joined forces and hosted a cool competition to
turn a stationery card into a room I thought it would be fun to enter....

The first entry I did was with their 'Pod' card design.
I loved the colour combination and although its modern I still went for a classic interior, i guess Im just drawn to this kind of look.

I just couldnt resist
doing a girly spread too ...what can I say...
I love pink!
The inspiration here was their Zsa Zsa card design.
Click here to see all the entries

August 9, 2007

Illustration Friday -Missing (you)

A fun topic but I got stuck on what to draw...I thought of keys because they always seem to be missing when I need them ..or socks because it seems my washing machine really does eat them up...

but what I miss the most are my grandparents.
They retired and moved to Cyprus 17 years ago and so every Wednesday night I call them up and we chat....they fight over who will get the phone and lately they're more keen to talk to my boys than me haha....they are always on my mind...
so a quick sketch this week
I think I need a new scanner...I dont know what that shadow is all about?

Here is a pic of my grandfather Kosta with my boys
and my sister's girls
taken last year when we were all over there holidaying.
He is partially blind now but still manages quite well...

August 6, 2007

The sun is out today and I just want to be outdoors to feel that warmth …im really looking forward to spring and that constant sunny freshness …

Here’s a spring birdy that came from Moline, a flickr friend….she’s now got a blog and an Etsy store with such cute stuff!

Ive been busy adding the finishing touches to my kitchen for crustation’s home project then I have to get my printed for the 13 participants. Im way past the due date – almost there now!

I also completed some more Winter ATCs for an Australian ATC swap – the deal is if you receive one then you have to send one back…ive received 11 so far and we have a month to go!!
lucky that I really enjoy making them!

And i finally won
this book on Ebay 'Foof- A- Life '….I kept getting outbidded but hooray I now have a copy…cant wait to try some of the projects

Veronica of Petunia blog has nominated me for a Rockin girl blogger – Im honoured!…im so glad she likes to come by and visit my blog!!
I love her blog too, she is such a creative girl and if we lived close by, I’m sure we’d be hanging out having tea and a girly chit chats

Here are my 5 Rockin girl bloggers…I have so many favourite blogs it was hard to chose just 5!

Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist – love this chick!! not only is she super talented, her posts are so warm and honest, she makes me smile and laugh with her fun adventrues

Lisa-Gabrielle of Jungle Dream Pagoda – Such a stylish mumma who sings , acts and shares her love of vintage goodness – her style rocks!

Paula of Simple Me – a great blogging friend who ponders about life, shares her love of ceramics and sewing, nature and her beautiful surroundings.

Pip of Meet me at mikes – each visit is a fun filled trip down memory lane - Holly Hobbie, Laverne & Shirley, vintage books and illustrations!! Fun fun! Cant wait to visit her day soon!

Cherry of Tales of Pixie Wood – another girl who would be FAB to hang around with! Her posts are always full of enthusiasm. I love how houseproud she is and she's planning a wedding so I cant wait to read more!!

So, if you were nominated, this is what you have to do: -place the badge on your blog-give credit to Robe rta (She started the rockin' blogger awards)-check out the latest list she has on her site-
then pick 5 Rockin' girls of your choice and tag them

August 4, 2007

Illustration Friday - Moon
Had to sneak this one in, its late but Ive been so busy!
Gosh I havent done a Illustration friday challenge for weeks now...i feel so rusty!
This week's topic 'Missing' is another good one!
Well Operation Challenge was fantastic - I had such a great time!! Even with the 6.30am wake up calls and walking around with 10 layers of clothing all day - Im so glad I went.
It was freezing though....driving on a dirt track from our cabins to the site in thick thick fog it felt like I was in some whacky horror movie but we all knew Irene would have hot steaming porridge waiting for us - a great way to start the day! It was tough on the body but a great challenge for me as I sometimes avoid getting out of my comfort zone, our team of 13 bonded so much and I left feeling strong and positive!
now Im off to face my dentist...a couple of fillings and then I can finally get my braces on!! about time!!
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