September 26, 2007

The Grand Bloglandia Ball

When I heard there was going to be a Bloglandia ball, I knew I had to find the perfect dress!

What about a gorgeous whisper of pink or folds & folds of silk to create
such dramatic sleeves

maybe an ode to the ball gown master
Mr Lacroix, who gave us the bubble skirt - perfect if you're feeling bloated or gassy huh?....

Hair in a silk scarf? or a simple but long faux plait to tone it all down? maybe hair in a sky high beehive? now that would be fun!

Thanks Elizabeth for being such a wonderful host!!

* Illustrations by me ( inspired by Vogue....)
* Paper dress by me
* Lace mask girl from Australian Harpers Bazaar
* other photos from Italia Vogue Haute Couture supp.

Illustration Friday - Juggle

As a woman, I can do anything
but I cant do everything!

This is not a self portrait...this woman is way too polished to be me but Im sure most woman agree how much we can juggle in our day to day lives....

For more 'Juggle' illustrations check out illustration friday

September 23, 2007

Art-Tea life
I finally finished my Art-Tea swap piece...a little late but its finally out and on its way!
I decided to make a Tea Party recipe book so I hope Tine likes it and can use it sometime....

here is one of the recipes that I included in my book which I had to try....

Hot Orchard Tea ( tastes really yummy!)
* Fresh pot of Twinings Russian Caravan Tea
*Equal quantity of apple juice
*1 apple, thinly sliced

To make a fresh pot of tea, always empty the kettle before filling it with freshly drawn cold water. Rinse your teapot with hot water to ensure the water stays at boiling point when it touches the pot.
Use 1 teaspoon of Russian Caravan Tea per person, plus 'one for the pot' (when using tea bags, the same rule applies).
Pour the water over the tea as soon as it boils. Brew for 3-5 minutes, then stir.

Pour the freshly brewed tea (strain if using loose-leaf tea, or remove tea bags) into a large saucepan and add the apple juice. Heat gently, but do not allow to boil. When hot, serve with apple slices floating on top.
You can add honey or sugar if you like it sweeter
This is a perfect, refreshing drink on a cold winter's day.
  1. Recipe from Delicious magazine
I also included recipes for 'Easiest Lemon Cake', Chai Spiced Tea, Apple Tea Cake and more....

September 21, 2007

A few loves....

ohhh my poor blog, i feel like ive neglected it. Life is so hectic!! I dont know if its just me not managing my time properly or are you also so busy and rushing around all the time??

I thought id share some pics of cool flea market & Op shop finds
that I scored recently. Some cute cute 70's swap cards - love these babies and their big heads!! what sweet eyes....

and some more vintage playing cards...what fun!!

Vintage childrens books...these were being sold by the original owner!! Ughh!! how sad...I'll take care of them Mr Dennis...promise!!!

the 'ABC' book was a gift for his 4th Birthday, from his grandparents way back in 1952.

Arent they lovely?? the fish bowl shaped book is really sweet...never seen anything like it!

another thing Ive always loved is dance wear for day wear... I adore fitted ballet wrap tops - must be my love of the movies FAME & Flashdance...Ive been tempted at

Today Neo and I made biscotti (bis means twice cooked), I got the recipe from Tessa Kiros cookbook 'Twelve' they turned out really good and I let them oven dry all afternoon.

So yummy! and they are low in fat and calories...well Ok they do have quite a bit of sugar but we all need a little sweetness in life....right?

September 17, 2007

Illustration Friday - Wedding

Whats a wedding without a wedding dress?

I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance,
A church filled with family and friends.
I asked him what kind of a wedding he wished for,
He said one that would make me his wife.

for more wedding illustrations
check out illustration Friday

September 11, 2007

Green days and 7 things....

A bit of a ho-hum week so far…I’ve been really busy with work and I cant wait for my day off!

Spring is definitely here as I’ve got hay fever in a bad way …Ughhh!!! im stocked up on the allergy relief tablets

My crafty pal Jennifer has tagged me to list 7 things about me…ive done this before but here are 7 more things....

* I have double joints in my hands so my fingers can be pushed back in a weird thumbs are like rubber…I can almost bend them back in half!!

* I have curly curly hair so I only ever comb my hair when I wash it….which is every 3 days or so…. If I left it as is, my locks could easily turn into dreadlocks!

* I love undergarments …granny knickers to hold it all in, supporting tights, especially under winter dresses – so streamline!

I even enjoy sleeping with my bra on…(now that’s weird huh?)

* in my past life I must have been a mouse because I love cheese…pecorino, haloumi, fresh ricotta, edam, cheddar….anything really!

my in laws had a dairy farm in Cyprus (which they sadly lost after the 1974 turkish invasion) and my mother in law was a cheese maker …fresh warm Haloumi – Yum!!!

* I cut my finger nails every week or so – I prefer them short

* I have a serious magazine addiction…I need that visual stimulation but after reading so many blogs I don’t think Im the only one…

* I love old images …some people think the past shouldn’t matter but Im intrigued by the clothes , old advertising and the way people lived…if I see an old photo I have to stop and have a look!

Here are my boys enjoying their new gardening tools! lots of fun!

September 8, 2007

A dress a day.....

I love dresses, especially light summer dresses teamed with flip flops, or cute sandals...a large tote bag, summer straw hat, sunblock and off you go....easy!

Here are my finished paper dresses for Heather's swap...we send her 5 and she sends us 5 different ones back so we can make into a paper garland.
I think these would look cute as tags too!

My favourite one!

Check out all the dresses Here

September 6, 2007

Chunky mags....
I always look forward to the Spring and Fall issue of magazines as I know they are going to be thick and full of great inspiration,
so when I got my September issue of Vogue(USA) in the mail last week I was not suprised to see that it was their biggest ever....the Guardian even wrote an article about it "what can you do with a brick sized Vogue?...' haha

the editor's letter starts at page 208 (and continues on page 224) so you can imagine how much of the content is advertising ( chi ching $$$)
but I don't mind...there are days when all you want to do is just look at pretty pictures right?
This however is not a magazine you can just curl up with...its so heavy that you need to sit down at a sturdy table to flick through careful not to drop it, you could damage a toe (or two)

The beautiful layout
'Paris, Je T'aime'
shot by the creative genius Steven Meisel and styled by Grace Coddington, is just
It made my heart beat fast... really fast!
I adore the style of the 20's-30's and this felt like stepping back in after page of stunning visual detail...i just had to share some of the pics!! so dreamy....

September 3, 2007

Illustration Friday - Alphabet

When I was 6 my parents enrolled me
in Greek school classes so twice a week after school I had to do another two hours of Greek school work ...we had to learn a whole new alphabet from alpha to omega...gosh I hated going but I guess it paid off as I now know how to speak, read and write Greek!
alpha beta gamma delta......
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