March 31, 2008

if i wasn't an Australian, i think id like to be British!

from my love of Paddington Bear as a wee little one to a young teen
fascinated with the The Royal family (dont ask????)... I used to dream I was going to marry Prince Andrew....haha well i did end up marrying an royal blood but he is my prince...

I cant say no to a cup of tea on a gray & rainy day, we've got our wellies on....and what do you say to some sardines on toast then....delicious!
well thats my inspiring images of the day - cant believe Veronica and I have posted every day for the past 3 weeks...this is our final week for images that inspire, hope you've enjoyed them so far!
*Top image from UK Vogue 12/07
*Bottom image from UK Easy living 6/06

March 30, 2008

Its 'This is' time again
This weeks topic is 'This is ...the contents of my bag'
Lucky my bag is much cleaner than normal....
the tote I carry on the weekend is by OtchiPotchi and the lovely Paula let me choose what lining i wanted - i decided on the floral, its such a great roomy tote - love carrying it around!
so we have the normal things - purse, keys, makeup bag and lip gloss, sunnies, toothbrush (braces...ughhh!) , mobile phone, panadol, tampons, sunblock for the boys, coin purse, handcream, markers and it usually has lots of receipts but i crammed them into my purse - i usually add baby wipes for the sticky hands and dirty faces and out the door I go.... For more 'This is'.. posts check out Angela's blog to see who is playing!

I added a simple tutorial on my flickr today - this simple card in 4 steps....have a look if you like!
have a FAB start to the week everyone!

March 28, 2008

Illustration friday - Pet Peeves

i thought Id post this before the topic changes in an hour or Pet Peeve - mobile phones (cell phones)

i know i know...they are the norm and life has changed and we wonder what we did without them but really people do we need to be contactable ALL the time? do we really need to text or check our messages like every minute or so....oh and dont forget having to avoid people who are walking and talking and clueless about the world around them....and those nasty ringtones....

OK im off to bed now....

A box of one's own....
my inspiring picture of the day is this gorgeous knick knack box which was featured in Notebook magazine
i got my first jewellery box at a really young age - a pink one with painted ballerinas on the lid...i used to enjoy putting things in there, my baby jewellrey, buttons, brooches and secret letters....
This box reminds me of my grandmother who always had lots of little boxes of interesting things - knick knacks like these, another box full of family photos, another with pretty hankies - she even had a whole drawer in her kitchen just for her odds and ends was probably her junk drawer but my sister and I used to love going through it to see what new things she had placed in there....

March 27, 2008

A little Green.....

This green image (from USA Elle magazine) has been in my clippings folder for years now ...i love the intense shades of green in plants and nature....
and since Moline is hosting a Green week on her blog I thought it would be nice to share...i also did a 'Old Green Door' mosaic on Flickr....
you can see the details of each image in my flickr.
Its also my day off today so Im going to catch up on my emails, read my favourite blogs and do some crafting - ive got ATCs to do for a swap and I also need to finish some notecards for Regina's note card swap....
but first Im going to meet up with my friend Sia and her little boy Evan so Neo can have a play and I can have a chit chat!
Have a FUN day!!

March 26, 2008


This dark and moody picture of the Wicked Queen in 'Snow White' a Fairy Tale layout in Australian Bazaar magazine
totaly inspired these two black and white pages in my clippings book....i did these on Sunday night whilst watching 'Jane Austen Book Club' on DVD...

I love black...i have a lot of black clothing and Im constantly hearing my mother telling me to wear more colour...(she also tells me (nags me) to wear more makeup, be more tidy and to eat better haha....
Do you think a black dress is suitable to wear to an evening wedding? We got an invitation in the mail the other day - i love weddings!!
such wonderful and happy just wondering what to wear now......

March 25, 2008

muted shades

I love these muted murky shades - blues, greens, yellows and and creams - I think they look gorgeous in the home and create such a cosy feel....
We're thinking of moving next year - we're not sure if we'll buy a new home (we are currently looking) or if we'll fix up our investment home - lots of walls to knock down, a huge new kitchen and we can slowly turn it into our dream a little scared as renovating can be stressful work and I must admit Id rather buy then fix but it will also be a challenge... I'm also stuck about interior styles, how does one choose when there is so much on offer out there?? too confusing!
* All images from Mary Engelbreit Home Companion (back issues), its one of my very favourite mags ever!*

March 24, 2008

Portugese beauty.....

not sure what they are talking about but I do know i adore these sweet illustrations!!
another cute buy at the local library sale...what a better way to spend 20 cents!!
I think the title might be 'Welcome Autumn'? (anyone speak portguese?)

Italian Grandeur...
Following up with inspiration images....
I love everything about these two pages which were featured in (USA) Vogue - this beautiful home is in Sicily, Italy, a place id love to visit one day.
The warm and earthy texture of the natural stone walls combined with the neutral
colours create such grand beauty, dont you think?
The gardens look beautiful and the views spectacular!!
a home for generations to come!
* you can click on images to get a bigger and more detailed view*

March 23, 2008

This is ....My Demon
I cant say no...I just cant...once I start its hard to stop at just one piece.
is that bad?
not really...(or so I like to convince myself)
Chocolate desserts are even better - rich, smooth, warm and gooey - it sure makes you feel good eating it!
*Image from this month's Australian Womens Weekly - love the Fornasetti plates! actually i had a haircut yesterday and my fringe is now as short as hers...not happy heehee
For more 'This is' ...posts check out Angela's side bar

Once Upon a Time.....

I love this Fairy Tales book published by Deans - London (1967)
the late 60's illustrations are adorable - love the shaggy hair do's that the kids sport - they were so in at the time....really great details!

*Front and back covers.... for more vintage illustrations
check out Pip's side bar

March 21, 2008

More Vintage Illustrations....

ive posted these before but I had to share again - such a darling book 'I love dolls' that i found in an Op shop for something silly like 10cents....its ever so sweet....

Hope you're all having a FAB Easter!!
Greek Easter is on a month later ( not sure why...something to do with the Julian calendar?)
We just got back from the show - the boys are showered fed and now tucked in bed....
Girly Detail.....
I love all these sweet and feminine interiors! wouldnt it be lovely to live in a little cottage decorated with pastel shades and pretty touches....not sure what id do with my husband though....dont think he'd appreciate this look....heehee
Happy Easter everyone....we're off the
Royal Easter Show today!!
Images from Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion magazine - back issues

March 20, 2008

Take me back.....

Following on with Pip's (happy birthday Pip!!!) vintage illustration week, here is another childhood favourite.
Holly Hobbie
i loved the books as a child and have a few vintage ones plus a couple of plates ......have you seen the modern Holly Hobbie? she's ghastly!!!

Maybe I just love the vintage girl much more.....these images are from 'Holly Hobbie's Nursery Rhymes'

*You can see all my Vintage illustrations and images on my Flickr set here*

Blue Room

I love this image...nice cool shades of blue with a pop of pink in her skirt!!

so pretty...for girls who never want to grow up!

*Image from Australian Marie Claire*

March 19, 2008

Just the cutest!!!

Day 3 of Pip's Vintage Illustration week....i adore Lucie Attwell, i have a few of her annuals and some postcards too - she illustrates the sweetest little people....everything is just so happy and colourful and magical!!!
love it!!

More Inspiring interiors....

had to post more of the White on White home that I showed in an earlier post....this guy's house is just gorgeous!! He does own an antique store so that would help I guess but I do love his style!!
Featured in this month's Australian 'Country Style'

March 18, 2008

More Fun Illustrations.....

'Tales for Tinies'
published in London in the 1940's...not sure who the author is or what edition this is but I do know the illustrations are too sweet!!
To see more vintage illustration books check out Pip's side bar

Warm Wood

This for me is a dream country home - i love the warmth of this huge room and the neutral colours are very elegant....the sunken bathtub is pure luxury, no?!
What a great home to relax and entertain friends... its located in the Southern Highlands - about a 3 hour drive from Sydney,
where many Sydney-siders have weekenders or country retreats.
This has sadly (for me) made the prices of property in the area soar to crazy heights!

I love Veronica's inspiration post today - the complete opposite to this aesthetic but very neutral and beautiful!

* image from Australian 'Country Style' magazine*

I'll leave you with some FAB style blogs Ive discovered recently

Shop Talk - Such beautiful finds and lovely posts
Design for ManKind - love the dailies and Erin's inspiration zines are gorgeous!!
A Cup of Jo - She's a New York writer with so many great things to share

March 17, 2008

Joining in on Pip's Illustration week!
you know how much i love my vintage children's illustration - so fun!

this page is super!
its from 'Land of Mother Goose' a retro book I found at a vintage book sale for 50cents
Its illustrated by Hilary Knight, of Eloise at the Plaza fame....
i love the hairdo!!
How do you start your day.....

Coffee, Tea or a cigarette?
Monday's are always hard to get into... i have tea at home and then hopefully can find time to get a real coffee (never instant - its evil!) before I head into work!

I love these images!
*Top from Australian Marie Claire
* Middle image from USA Elle
*Bottom from UK Easy Living

March 16, 2008

This creations

this week's topic is a good one!!!
I love that my blog and blogging has helped me be more creative in life - from a young age ive always enjoyed taking time to create and make things by hand but in my 20's (when I had loads of time on my hands) I didn't do much of it...i think I was too busy hanging out in cafes and dancing the nights away - it feels good to be back making stuff!

When I look at all the wonderful blogs and flickr images i do feel a little inferior with all the goodness out there but thats OK stuff is mine and creating is now part of my life, which is a good thing!

For more 'This is' ....posts check out Angela's blog
The photo is a sample of what Ive made since blogging - Click on this link to see more info or you can see my Craft sets
and here
here's to a great start to the week!!!

March 15, 2008

Summer is back....
its been so hot in Sydney!!!
Veronica has some beautiful outdoor settings up on her blog today and so I just had to put this one up....Donna Hay magazine has the best food styling Ive ever seen - i love these berry pies and they remind me of long hot summer days and out door eating....
we're having an outdoor party tonight at my sister's house - our parents are leaving on Tuesday for a 3month holiday in Cyprus....lucky lucky!!! wish I was going too....
back to my Saturday household chores.....
See you tommorow with 'This is....' post!!
Ciao ciao!!
*Image from Donna Hay magazine - Issue 36
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