November 27, 2009

November 25, 2009

...and some more joy...

Ive been featured on Amanda's gorgeous blog this week, you can see the post HERE - Thanks so much Amanda!

and a big thanks to Gracie, Michelle and Poke Salad Annie for giving me blog awards, i really appreciate it and Im so thankful for ALL my blog friends and readers...i hope to organise a little giveaway soon too - its been a while since the last one ...just a small way to say 'thanks'!

EyeSpy: Joy

Birthdays are always Joyful and today its my
Peter's 7th Birthday!!
so i made some freshly baked cupcakes with declicious chocolate frosting for his class....just in time for morning recess, all the kids were happy to have a sweet treat!
(my frosting tip: i add a few tablespoons of nutella to the icing - adds a nice flavour!)

have a joyful day!!

November 22, 2009

My Place and yours.... A Collection

I think most of you have read about my vintage swap card collection
before but I also collect vintage childrens books, vintage paper ephemera that isnt too precious and that I can use in my craft.
i also collect little crafty tidbits (pleasing scrap of anything...) buttons, charms, ribbon, notions, beads, embellishments...anything cute that catches the eye...
this afternoon I sat opposite the airconditioner (it reached 41 degrees in Sydney blah!!!) and
embellished some sweet party dresses!

Kate chose this weeks theme and she wanted to know if we have any rules for our collections - no strict rules for mine - if I see something that makes me smile, is reasonable in price then Im buying it!!
Thanks to Pip for hosting 'My place and Yours' anyone can join in - go on, its fun!

November 20, 2009

Im dreaming of a Pink Christmas......

Some new Gift tags and Flat notecard sets in my SHOP now....
oh yes, and a slice of that pretty pink cake would be nice too please!

* Cake image from Martha Stewart ( you didnt think I made it did you?)*

November 17, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday: Francophile

Every Tuesday night I settle back to watch 'The Rachel Zoe' show. When it comes to fashion she can babble on like a crazy woman but last night's episode
was extra special as she was in Paris for the fashion shows....the city is always portrayed in such a gorgeous way that it makes any Francophile giddy with excitement!

Black ice earrings by Planettreasures super sweet - perfect for any occassion!

and this dress is stunning - actually i love ALL the dresses in this etsy shop!
Audrey Dress by AnnabelAndRuby
and a sweet hair accessory for that Oh la la
'Penny' Small beaded headband by Bowerbird Inc

hope you like my Wishlist Wednesday picks - stay tuned as i hope to show some lovely gift ideas daily in December...Christmas is right around the corner!

November 15, 2009

Ive got a sick computer again - its currently getting repaired and looks like it will be out of action for a week!! will I survive??
its a little scary in how much I rely on my computer, Ive missed blogging and the online social interaction - is it healthy addiction?
i dont know ....but i sure know it feels like something is missing!

i did get a lot done though haha
I worked on a papergoods order, I did a stack of ironing, baked a yummy apple cake with the boys and we had family around for a BBQ last night!

Im currently loving the sprinkle of purple around the neighbourhood - beautiful Jacaranda trees everywhere!
here is a picture I took when out walking last week....
and above a snappy little suit by John Galliano for Christian Dior - a lilac beauty!

November 11, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday: Garden Girl

My awesome father in law is our gardener - I tell him there is no need but every now and then he comes over and tends to our garden, trimming and weeding, replanting and making sure everything looks good - and it always does!!
he even potted Peter's bean sprout, a school project that grew and grew and even produced two fresh beans!

i wish i had a green thumb, sadly I have no idea and have killed many plants in my time....
but I do love these Garden themed items!

English Garden flat notecard Set by Darlingdillydilly
so sweet!

and I recently won this FAB pin
from Marang97 in a fun giveaway, i love it!!!
she has another one in her shop
Ecofriendly Blue carnation pin - made from recycled fabric

my last pick this week is
'In the Garden' 2010 Calendar from LittleMo and Friends
Adorable illustrations and all items in the shop are printed on recycled paper!
Little Mo always loves to ponder in the garden

*top image of Lily Donaldson via Flickr*

November 9, 2009

Ohhh i hadnt realised its been so long since I blogged, life has been busy and with 7 weeks until Christmas (can you believe it?!) Im sure its going to just get crazier...
Neo had his kindergarten orientation last week, can't believe my baby is going to 'big school' next year!
When the boys drive me up the wall I need to
stop and think how fast the days, weeks and years go by...they'll be grown men before I know it!! Eeek!!!

i've got a few Christmas-y things in my Shop but hope to add more soon, its looking a little like Mother Hubbard's empty cupboard but
its just finding some spare time to sit and create ( oh and to stop procrastinating!!)

some other exciting news - Ive got a new stockist for my Retro tags - a brand new online shop 'Collection of Cool' , that launched this past Friday - go have a look at their lovely items!

November 5, 2009

Just add Water......a little late for wishlist wednesday but here are some lovely things for bathtime...they'd make cute Christmas gifts too!

November 4, 2009

Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind....
love that 70's song - it always reminds me of summer's long lazy days...

some sunny home inspiration today
As a child we had a three piece cane furniture set in our family room, it was all the rage back then and it lasted for ages but it sure wasnt as lovely as the bamboo lounge chairs featured here

yesterday was a scorcher in Sydney. I picked up the boys from school and they spent the afternoon running around in singlets and underpants - summer freedom!
have a wonderful day!
I'll be back tonight with wishlist Wednesday!!
Australian house & garden
Kitchen - Google images
Tropical porch - India Hicks' home

November 3, 2009

My place and yours....
a little catch up
two themes in one post!

my bedside table - there's always books and magazines...(by the end of the week, clothes too!)
Love the cute little elephant ornament that was given to Peter as a baby.
I keep it here as I dont want the boys to break it...
i used to sleep on the other side closer to the window but had to change after I got pregnant with my boys as this side is closer to the toilet...ive been here since!

and my gets a little lonely here in the spare room...i think i might invest in a laptop someday....
For more 'My place and yours' click on over to Pip's blog

November 1, 2009

Eye Spy: Shoes
here are my new Summer flats....i was on the hunt for some silver flats but found these in NYC last month, they're a mix of gold & silver metallic leather - soft and comfy! they were on sale too, so thats always a good thing!

and here are some bargain satin heels that I found in Target (im no shoe snob!) a few years ago - i still like them a lot!
in winter I wear them with opaque stockings and a summer I wear them with black tailored pants and a Tshirt or a straight knee length skirt...cute & cheap!

for more EyeSpy: Shoe posts head on over to Cindy's can join in too!

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