February 11, 2006

One step Closer to being a Domestic Goddess....

I finally won a copy of Nigella Lawson's 'How to be a Domestic Goddess' on ebay and it arrived Thursday morning all the way from UK!
Ive been trying to win this for close to a year but kept getting outbidded and I recently got inspired by Loobylu's blog www.loobylu.com with her posts about the book and baking so Im thrilled to finally own a copy - Ive been savouring every page the past two nights and Ive been reading the introduction of each recipe - Nigella words are so expressive and written with such passion that it makes you want to bake bake bake all day long........
ive already made the Burnt butter brown sugar Cupcakes and they were so fluffy but dense and delicious!! Perfect!!!

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  1. I love Nigella. It's awesome that you finally got your hands on a copy after a whole year.


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