August 8, 2009

Bang Bang

Hip in the 1960's, hip now, Fringes (or Bangs) - I like them!

Ive had one for a while then i tried to grow it out but last week I decided to cut it short again, now its a little too short but its just hair will grow right?!

We have thick curly hair in my family and so it can be a challenge - there's pictures of my mum during the 60's with her ironed hair set to perfection!
I think it frames face and makes the eyes appear larger - now, if only i perfect the Anna Karina eye makeup Im set to go!

other vintage fringe inspirations
Francoise Hardy , Jane Birkin and some 1960's hair inspiration!
* images of Anna Karina from Google Images*


  1. She is so gorgeous!
    That makeup is to die for!!
    My bangs are still growing after the last time I cut them..I am thinking about chopping them again,
    they keep me from cutting all of my hair off! hahaha.

  2. Nice pictures!!! I used to have a fringe but gave up on it because I got too many pimples and I just look better without one!

  3. Wow, she's gorgeous, mod and cool! Nice post. Wish I could pull off the whole fringe thing.

  4. Your pictures are always so entertaining. You must spend hours finding them. I always have bangs. My sister and I used to iron our hair! Funny huh??

  5. Gorgeous women, and gorgeous images! I used to have bangs, off and on, but not my fave look for me, so currently off again. :p

  6. I just got a fringe cut again a couple of weeks ago for the first time in years. It's a side part fringe, I couldn't commit straight away to something so chunky, but they are great hey? Lovely classic pics!

  7. She's gorgeous! I wish I could have a fringe but it just doesn't suit me. So I stick to side fringes =)


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