June 19, 2006

EDM Challenge #71 - Sport

Im not a sporty kinda girl but I do love Yoga!!
Im sad that I dont get to Yoga class much these days - I need to get me back there soon.
I love the stretching and deep breathing.


  1. I'm not a sport type either and I'm still thinking what I could do for this challenge. This is a great sketch and a great idea. And I love the cinnamon post too. Very impressed with the baking! I LOVE Nigella (I hope to morph into being her one day). I have the same cookbook but the yeast disasters in my background have deterred me so far too. I'm super impressed you put that behind you and baked anyway!!! Looks perfect.

  2. Anonymous10:35 PM

    Nice. Even the drawing makes me feel at peace.

  3. serene drawing. I'm with you -- I'm not the sporting type. But I do take a yoga class three times a week. It's wonderful.

  4. Anonymous1:07 AM

    Me too, I'd be all caught up in my head if I didn't do yoga... cheers, LJ


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