August 10, 2006

Birdie Num Num....

That always makes me laugh
Have you seen 'The Party' (1968) such a funny funny movie! It stars Peter Sellers and if you havn't seen it, go hire the DVD now!!!

Isn't this bird pendant gorgeous!
I recently saw this on Shae's blog and it came back to mind as I was planning to buy one but never got round to it!

They are made by Brisbane designer Jane, of
'Girls made This ' one of one.
I really like this vintage bird image so waiting to see what other similar pendants Jane is going to make.

In the meantime I found these cuties - I thought they'd be cute for my upcoming trip wearing my summer dresses, flip flops and sipping frappe by the beach! haha!

this one is from Diva $9.95

and this pretty one is from Ebay a win at $6.05!!
bargains or what???


  1. These are gorgeous pendants!! what a great ebay bargain.. You gotta love ebay!

  2. yes! i have to agree...beautiful pendants!

  3. The birdie pendants are so lovely! I can hardly believe your luck on e-bay! I'm off to check it out - birds are my favorite!

  4. I was looking at some of these works by Jane of Girls made this at IMP today... they're wonderful!
    cheers, gracia

  5. thanks for posting my birdie's. I have been wearing them all the time lately, Jane's new website is up, they are still working on it though! I bought my sister one too! They are just gorgeous!Love your ebay birdie,what a find!!!

  6. I love these bird necklaces Anastasia! I have some vintage embroidered blue birds that look very similar - I've been trying to do an applique bluebird and design it myself using the embroidery as a guide but it's just not working out. These are so pretty - very vintage looking! I love your blog - so many pretty and simple things to look at. :)


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