August 24, 2006

Illustration Friday - Match

This week has not been a good week for drawing!

I just didnt know what to do for this topic - was it a hard one for others too?

but anyway its pretty obvious they are a 'perfect match'!


  1. Yes they are. I can *feel* the luuuv... Nice work!

  2. i think u did quite well with ur match making, nice line work and color

  3. Perfect match is right! Great job.

  4. I like that you can see where you had erased the gentleman and re-positioned him. (The composition is much more dramatic!) Although I have a great appreciation for clean and "sober" works, I'd rather see in the piece the process and struggles of the artist. You've got a lovely style.

  5. I love how you interpret the words..hope you are all feeling better and next week is better for drawing too!!
    (we have the sick bug now :()
    Have a great weekend Anastasia!

  6. You and Andrew perhaps?

  7. thanks for your comments everyone!!

    haha Robyn, Andrew would never be caught dead wearing a beret!! I like them though....first I was going to do rockabilies, then a beat nik couple but settled on these two francophiles!

    Andrew - my son put black marker all over my eraser and I noticed too late so got a huge smudge on the page...Ughhh kids!!


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