August 19, 2006

A piece of Wallpaper + a frame = an Earring holder.......

I recently ordered some Florence Broadhurst samples and with one of the wallpaper piece which had a pretty reflective shine to it, I decided to insert into a decorative frame i had at home. I attached some thin cotton to create a little earring holder for my drop earrings.
I think a plainer frame might have been nicer but I like it

The wallpaper is so pretty!l
next challenge is to make sure Neo doesnt grab it and ruin it in 5 seconds flat!!


  1. great idea...i love those blue/aqua/green cluster earrings! so cute!

  2. this is fantastic! What a great project! Lovely Wallpaper!

  3. I so need to make one of these! fabulous idea

  4. Oh, I want to try and make one of these! It turned out so great!!! Your earring collection is a lot cooler than mine though ;)

  5. ditto!! great idea!

  6. Wow you've been a busy bee!

    Your illustrations are very cute.

    Good creative thinking with the earring holder. I love the earrings too.

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Florence Broadhurst designs - the woman is an inspiration! She was so far ahead in thinking for her time & one of my design idols. The lucky buggers who bought the rights to reprint her designs!

    There is a range of her prints that I am looking at for redecorating our bedroom, but it's so hard to decide as they're all so gorgeous.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Great idea!
    Love the paper.

  8. What a wonderful idea, you are clever! It's a great way to use a small piece of wallpaper. Thanks for stopping my my blog and leaving a comment. You are so right about the Crocs, hehehe ;-)

  9. what a clever idea!

  10. I might have to pinch that idea if I may... looks so nice. I've seen some similar but yours looks fantastic. Much love xox

  11. what a beautiful piece and functional too!

  12. Great idea!
    I think I'm going to start copying you to use up some nice paper I have at home...if you don't mind that is <:)

  13. Very nice idea, I love it. Might have to copy that one. Thanks for sharing.


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