August 18, 2006

TEA CUP Swap..........

I just had to join Beth's 'Tea Cup' swap and look at the beauty I received in the mail the other day!
By swap partner was Kim
and she even made a 'Tea Fairy' ATC for me - beautiful!! Thanks Kim I love everything!
Kim also included some orange tea bags but Australian Customs took that away - thats the second item they have taken away from me, Im sure they just like my pretty things!


  1. beautiful! i love the tea fairy!

  2. LOvely mail, fancy them taking away tea bags?!? how bizarre.

  3. Yes, they are pretty strict - anything perishable or plant, seed , nuts they take it away
    but they did say I can have it treated at a fee of $42 LOL
    expensive teabags!!

  4. ooooh. I love the tea theme of all of this. Lovely gifts.

  5. Beautiful cup! hum... guess what customs officers are drinking?!

  6. I love the tea cup and the ATC! Swaps are great, aren't they?
    Have a great weekend Anastasia!

  7. What a beautiful tea cup. That's too bad they took your tea. Are the custom agents responsible for informing you that they took something out of your package?

  8. Thanks everyone - its gorgeous!
    Jen, yes Australian customs scan every parcel and if there is anything suspicious they'll open up and check and take out, leave you a note and send it to your home.


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