August 12, 2006

WIP Friday

Not much crafting this weekend
but Ive been doing SO much washing today!
The sun is out and Ive given the washing machine a good work out.
I love drying clothes out in the sun - nice and warm.

My parents are off on their 3month overseas trip tonight so we're grabbing something quick to eat and then taking them to the airport later on. I am so excited for them!

Tommorow will be another busy day. My niece Stephanie turns nine!!
so have to help my sister prepare for her birthday lunch (2o adults and 11 kids - crazy fun!)

Neo is really into climbing and standing on everything.
Im always watching him as the other day he stood on his highchair and climbed onto the kitchen bench!
I dont mind him climbing on the coffee table so much as its not too high and gee how many times can you say 'No - dont do that!'
He just giggles and does it again!


  1. I know what you mean about saying no to the kids. Sometimes I can just hear myself constantly nagging. The sound of my own voice saying no drives me insane sometines!!!!

  2. Andrew climbs on everything! We've had to take the stools away from our breakfast counter as he has just discovered he can climb all the way up to the microwave!He is also getting very adventurous at the park too! Let's just hope there are no nasty falls from anyhting!

  3. What a precious little girl!

  4. Sounds a lot like my house! :)

  5. I've got a climber too- and more grey hair!


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