November 6, 2006

Cut + Paste

I spent all day Saturday at the Sydney Papercraft festival. It was all the way out at Penrith and it took me 40minutes to drive there but I had a wonderful time and I had booked in to do 3 workshops.

I dont do a lot of scrapbooking because I just dont have the time or the patience really but I love love all the paper products out there - beautiful stuff!
I did the 'Fast and Furious' layout with the funky
Zina Wright , the two layouts of Me below and I also did her class on 'the little book of Love' (left) which I will update to show you once I add my photos and embellishments.

I made a sweet box in Kerrin Quall's 'Boxed In' class and we got loads of paper and ribbons to make some cards to add in the box. I think it would make a great box for chocolates or tags and would be a cute gift dont you think? Kerrin said she will be adding the template to her blog later on in the week if anyone is interested.


  1. Anonymous11:12 PM

    great photos of you! I desperatley want to go to a papercraft fair. I think I better win tattslotto first!

  2. I used to go to Taronga zoo all the time when in Sydney... such a great place and you're right, those goats have a fantastic view!

    That papercraft fair sounds lot of fun!

  3. Such fun papers and things! Your pages are great! I love the colors!

  4. wow, you are just sooooo pretty, anastasia! and what fun!!!! never been to something like that and it sounds like such a wonderful environment to fuel the creativity!!!!

  5. Wow! a papercraft festival (I didn't know they existed) it sounds really great. I wish I had been there :)

  6. A paper craft fair would be so much fun. I just went to a poetry event where we were encouraged to go to a cultural event outside our normal lives -- I think I found something!


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