November 16, 2006

EDM Challenge 92 - draw a brown paper bag

Growing up I loved watching the American TV show ‘ The Brady Bunch’. I was so in love with that family, their house, the pink girly bedroom the girls shared and of course Alice in the kitchen – I loved how she’d unpack the groceries from the huge brown paper bags.

It was so cool to me as we always had plastic bags at our supermarkets which didn’t have the same appeal as those huge thick brown bags. I guess my love of paper started early huh?
More and more people in Australia are now using re-usable shopping bags which is great for the environment..


  1. Anastasia, this is great! I love all of the creases, shadows and light. Great job!

  2. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Oh bother, I must remember to sign into google before I srite a comment now I am on beta (oh and I didnt have any trouble getting into beta blogs before I changed, I wonder why you are having trouble?) Any way I love your bag with all the shading, I like shading, gives them some personality. Good luck with the teeth.

  3. Very nice job Anastasia. It reminds me of the little brown paper lunch bags we used to have as kids, and you have rendered it beautifully.

  4. LOVELY JOB on this! Especially all the folds!! It reminds me of the sandwich bags all crunched up after lunch!

  5. Really nice job on the folds. Cheers! Mary Ellen

  6. Anonymous8:52 AM

    I love your bag - it's wonky and has so much character with great shading and line work.

  7. hi anastasia, tried to contact you through cyprus forum but they accused me of advertising!I run an arts organisation in cyprus and we are about to launch a magazine, would you be interested in contributing some illustrations to the 1st or 2nd issue?? contact us @ THANKS! ;)

  8. Love your drawing!
    I remember brown paper bags in Aussie supermarkets, I recall that that my mum didn't like them because they weren't very practical. I also remember making Ned Kelly helmets out of them as a kid. And of course, there was always the Tuckerbag supermarket chain, with Tucker the brown paper shopping bag as their mascot. Wonder what happened to them?


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