November 30, 2006

The little girl within..........

Do you ever see something that brings back so many wonderful memories of your childhood?

This little Holly Hobbie plate is one of my 'little girl' finds - it only cost $1.00 at a local flea market. I love it!
As a child, I had a Holly Hobbie sewing machine that my sister and I shared, making dresses for our dolls.

Another great find that I found in Cyprus recently was this book. As young girls, my parents enrolled my sister and I in Greek school which meant 2 evening classes per week - we attended for 6years and we both hated it!! Im very thankful now of course as Im bilingual which is great and I always talk to my own boys in Greek in hope that they pick the language up too.
This book was issued to us in Year 1 and when I saw it recently, I had to have it! Its a brand new book and still published after so many years so I guess it must mean a lot to others too. Such sweet illustrations, so many Greek school memories.....

The other day I was cleaning our spare room and came across my penpal box. As a young girl I loved having penpals, we'd write on pretty letter sets, exchange clippings of Duran Duran, Culture club, stickers and cute stationery and write about life, boys, music and fashion! So much fun!
Some of the letters in my box are close to 25years old and Im so glad Ive kept them all these years. Letters from Gail in Scotland, Valerie in France, Soo in Singapore and Sally in first long distance friends. I still keep in touch with Sally my english penpal after all these years.


  1. Anonymous5:57 AM

    I used to have penpals too... gosh if I think how bad my English was... it must have been very painful for all the English nationals who used to write to me...

  2. I love this post! I guess blogpanions are the new penpals!That little book must have extra meaning for you as an illustrator!

  3. Anonymous8:20 AM

    i was a holly hobby girl too :) and an avid pen-paler...sadly i'm not in touch with any of them although i do still have the letters...they serve as a wonderful reminder of sweet over-seas bonds.

  4. Visiting for Thanksgiving last week, I was thrilled to be served my drink in the Holly Hobby Christmas Coke glass I had as a child. I think they were free one winter at some restaurant. What memories!

  5. Anonymous12:30 AM

    Lovely nostalgic post!!! All of those letters...and stamps!!

  6. I was blog hopping and happily landed here. I love the deversity in your work...I am especially interested in the cake...I was wondering if you had the recipe?? maybe you can post it, It would be perfect for a christmas party...

  7. Your Holly Hobbie plate reminds me of my grandmother's kitchen. She had Holly Hobbie plates hanging in there. Oh and my sister used to have a few in her kitchen as well.
    Lovely memories. Thank you for sharing and for your kind comments in Merryville.

  8. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Ahh, yes! I remember Holly Hobby!
    see you, g

  9. I had a holly hobbie vanity, dolls and a house made out of cardboard. I guess I really liked holly hobbie either that or my mom did.

  10. Anonymous1:53 PM

    oh wow, you just gave me lots of memories of penpals I had when i was little too! I love the illustrations and books you've shared too!


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