December 7, 2006

Putting on the Glitz.....

The other night we went to David Jones, a department store in town that has the most magical Christmas window display.
My camera died on my me but I managed to get these two photos. The boys were mesmerized by the moving puppets, the music and beautiful christmas scenes.

This is a handmade ornament that I made last night that is heading out to Daisy Lupin in the UK, as part of the society of secret fairies handmade christmas swap.
I covered a boxboard square with vintage piano music and a bird image, some tiny vintage paper flowers, a sheer ribbon and lots of glitter. I think I overdid the glitter haha. The back is also covered, pale blue rose paper and an image of snow angels.
I hope she likes it!

Im also getting ready a parcel to send to the lovely Lisa-Gabrielle my partner for the Vintage christmas swap - Ive got a couple of cute retro things which is just her style and on saturday Im heading out to Rozelle Flea Market as I need one more thing - dont you just love thrifting?!!! any excuse to thrift!


  1. Everything is beautiful!

  2. oh my! i'm in both these swaps and MUST get on to those packages! love your ornament...lucky swap partner :)

  3. Anonymous9:28 AM

    I had no idea DJ's did Christmas windows in Sydney! I still haven't made it to the Myer ones here! Your decoration is gorgeous!

  4. Those windows are amazing! Love the ornament and can't wait for my swap goodies!

  5. Beautiful! I am such a sucker for glitter! Also - dang those window displays are unreal! Amazing!

  6. Thats one this i miss from Xmas in London - the beautiful windows of the big dept. stores!!!!
    Your swap pieces are lovely - you are busy!!!

  7. Ohhh what a window! how magical... and I love your ornament too!

  8. Anonymous11:56 AM

    I can remeber going with my aunties to see these displays when I was a kiddie not much older than your boys. Magic!

  9. Wonderfull window display.

  10. very pretty ornament!


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