December 28, 2006

Vintage Children's books - love them!!

I love old Children's books and have a growing collection.
Everything 'vintage' is getting quite pricey in Australia and its obvious people have a yearning for things of yesteryear....
I love a good bargain so here are some cute books I found recently!
Ive also started a flickr set on Vintage Images where I will be adding some cute vintage illustrations from my books that I love so much!

I found this book 'I love Dolls' in the country town Orange for only 5cents!!!

Pussy's Doll - 1957

This book, ' Escapade' by John S Goodall is only 20 years old but I love silhouette graphics
and the book has no words, only beautiful black and white images!

This image comes from a book called 'Curly Locks' and was published in 1912! Stunning

A great blog for more vintage images is Prints Charming
and I recently found this website, Childrens Books online which has an extensive library section with amazing vintage images!!


  1. yeah i love those kinda books too :) are they easy to find in australia?? we have alot of places here but sometimes they overcharge and i think that is foul.... i like going to the school rummage sales- i find the best deals and the best books there :)

  2. Beautiful illustrations,I especially love the little girl with the doll house!

  3. Hello,

    I just discovered your blog! And saw your gorgeous swap gifts over at Jungle Dream Pagoda!

    This holiday dh and I went to a used bookstore that had tons of "Little Golden Books." I wanted to snatch them all up, but couldn't justify it to dh so I passed. Plus we were traveling and that is always a problem with luggage!

    Happy New Years!

  4. Hey! Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that I joined EDM! I first heard about it on your blog, so...I dunno...guess I thought you may be interested

    :) D

  5. I have to agree too! I simply adore the images that only vintage children's book can give. We have a wonderful thrift shop near by that sells them sooooo unbelievably cheap. I always walk out with armfuls of lovely books. Much love, Nicole xox.

  6. These are all charming and some of my favorite things are vintage children's books.
    Thank you for the great links!

  7. Happy New Year Anastasia!!!

  8. What great pictures! :) My calendar in the kitchen this year is highlights from the Little Golden Books - this month is the Poky Puppy. :)

  9. i am in love with vintage children's books!!! on of my favorite children's books is out of print but you can sometimes buy it online. whenever i find it i try to buy up a ton of copies whenever i find it on ebay (because they are often falling apart)...still your boys will probably like the story, the book is called "THE BOY WHO FOOLED THE GIANT"~by TAMARA KITT xo, Melanie


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