January 8, 2007

What big Teeth you have......

My little boy Peter is fascinated by the story 'Little Red Riding Hood'. I read it to him all the time.
I read it in English and in Greek, sometimes we cuddle up and I just tell him the story and the part he loves the most is ....What big teeth you have.....

It was always a favourite of mine too. I found some vintage images of Little Red Riding hood online, arent they wonderful images!?

This adorable drinking cup is by D-Bros, a Japanese homewares design group
Add water and the wolf appears larger!! how clever!


  1. Shelly loves this story too - i love the black and white pic!!

  2. Hi Julie!
    the image is by Gustave Dore (1832-1883) apparently it was a bit sexual as the wolf was pressing against her!?!

  3. Have you heard of "Little Red"? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0810957833?tag2=aplcreations-20

    I haven't read it yet, but I heard it's great. It's the retelling of "little red riding hood" but from a little boy's perspective.

  4. Hi Regina
    No I hadnt! thanks for the link to the book - how interesting!

  5. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Those illustrations are incredible - the two color ones are my favorites and those glasses are so cute! Happy New Year!

  6. There's a wonderful film, if you can find it, "The Company of Wolves." Angela Lansbury's in it and a mostly Brit cast. It plays on the "young woman coming of age" theme and the "wolves" whose "sweetest tongue has sharpest tooth."

  7. That was also an old time favourite of mine when I was a littl'n. My Yiayia used to tell me it. My son loved it too, especially...What big teeth you have!

  8. Anonymous2:19 PM

    I adore Little Red Riding hood...I used to get the Spanish and French versions from my Grandma. Especially, "La Caperucita Roja" Loved it...it was coupled with a story about boys being turned into swans...and a special blanket knitted from thorns to make them turn back into boys...Don't know? I am lucky enough to still have my grandma. I should tape those stories! Good idea!!. All I know is your site is beautiful. The images you share are fantastic. Thank You for the childhood memories you stir up...

  9. Anonymous4:53 PM

    oh did you ever read him the wolf's version? wait, that is the 3 lil pig's wolf- oops... hehe... its wonderful to hear when a kid loves to listens to stories- diego isn't that interested yet..... sigh!

    remember the looney tunes version of red riding hood? she was a sexy woman who sang "hey wolfie..." hehe

  10. That is sooo funny,my littlest loves to be read ,"little red" stories too,we have a western version thats too funny that we are currently into!

  11. Sideshowmum - thanks for the movie tip, will try to find it! I love a british cast....

    Kali/Vanessa - arent Grandmothers the most wonderful things in our lives?! my grandmother is still around too - lucky me!

  12. Anonymous11:58 PM

    I have a golden book you might like to see stephy4030 on flikr. I still have it. The pictures are so captivating. Thought you might like to take a look

  13. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Such wonderful, descriptive drawings of the wolf and the focus of his attention, Little Red Riding Hood.
    take care, g

  14. Love all of these vintage illustrations.

  15. ps: specially the one with the blue background

  16. Anonymous11:19 PM

    Little Red Riding Hood conjures up different images for me, she's used in so many horror movies and have a goth image but your pictures are adorable (by the way, love all your vintage images on Flickr)!


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