March 5, 2007

Step back in time.....
My sister rang me Saturday night to let me know about an 'old and rare' book sale that she spotted in the local newspaper...Im so glad she did as I missed this annual book fair last year and sulked for days!!!
Its organised by a local senior citezns club and all proceeds go to charity so all for a good cause....

So Sunday morning I drove overthere and headed straight for the 'Children's books' section - so many great bargains!
Not many people were interested in these so all the better for me....most books were 0.50 cents to $1.00 each!! (Squeal!!!!) I was in complete book heaven!

Such beautiful illustrations....
Little swans from 'Swan Lake'

'Wizard of Oz' by L. Frank Baum and illustrated by Maraja 1958
(0.50cents!!! oh my.....)

also illustrated by Maraja is 'The Splendour book of Ballet' by Shiley Goulden 1962


Humpty is from 'Mother Goose Rhymes' , 1950 and Illustrated by Eulalie

A-B-C book 1966

From 'The Bells of London Town' illustrated by Molly B Thomson

I got 6 of her books for $1.00!! Im going to google some of these illustrators as I dont know much about them!

I'll also be scanning the images and adding to the Flickr group Vintage Children's books
Next week there is a 'damaged and old' book sale - Im SO there! I hope to find images for collage craft!


  1. Oh, I'm very jealous... We have a Molly B Thomson called "Jack and Jill's First Play Book" and it is so sweet. Great finds

  2. wow! what wonderful finds! i bouhgt some old illustrated children's encyclopedias that were falling apaprt so i promptly cut them up for collages and then have done nothing with them...but you've inspired me to pull out all of that paper and get to work!

  3. what a great set of books... these old illustrations are wonderful! i love them and can't wait to see what you do with the ones you find next for your collages. aren't these old book sales the best?

  4. Wow, I Googled them last night right after you posted them. I found the oz book on eBay for 14.00 dollars. I was not familiar with the illustrator either. One of them a woman lived to be 104.....Way to go!!!

  5. Oh!!!Wonderful!!!!! So glad she clued you in! What treasures you got!!!! Yes, you must find out more about the books... Also, so excited for the damaged book sale, wish I was nearer!!!!xxo, Vanessa

  6. cruststation8:16 AM

    Wow, so many wonderful illustrations. I am so envious of your new collection, I wish I could come to the book sale with you :(

  7. omigosh,the yumminess!!!! Thank you for sharing,please post more!!!

  8. Just look at the illustration of the boy and gril holding hands !! so sweet!

  9. Wow, how cool! It must have been so exciting to find all of those. The Wizard of Oz was one of my favourite movies as a child - seeing the cover of the book brings back warm memories.

  10. these are wonderful - can't wait to see what you do with the collages - have fun!

    xox - eb.

  11. Oh wow...what fantastic finds!! How come noone was interested in them - lucky you!!!
    You must have a farely large collection now! :)

  12. Wow! Great finds. Wonderful children's books. Love vintage illustrations on such books.

  13. I love books like that. The graphics are wonderful!! I especially love HUmpty Dumpty!

  14. jen b6:08 AM

    I love tthose illustrations!

  15. the butterfly collector12:39 PM

    oh wow, you found some really great stuff!!! Before I had Andrew I used to buy kids books just for me, I need to take up that hobby again I think!!!

  16. Oh wow, what wonderful finds! I love those ballet illustrations especially. Lucky you!

  17. They are absolutely gorgeous! I especially love Giselle - so wistful and feminine! I hope you don't mind, I saved a copy of the jpg, as I am looking for things to practice drawing. This drawing is not only pretty, but I like how the artist gave the fabric a lot of depth. Thank you for sharing!

  18. you are so lucky! these books are great and i would love to go to the damaged book fair too!

  19. Vintage books are great! i've got one for you actually ;)

  20. Anonymous8:53 PM

    I still visit op shops for treasures like these. We have a wonderful store that always sees me spending pennies on piles of books. I think the book case is overflowing with treasures.
    Your 'finds' are truly gorgeous.


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