March 18, 2007

Sydney Harbour Bridge 75th Birthday

Another special celebration!

Today we along with many many others, walked over the Sydney Harbour bridge (The coat hanger) to celebrate its 75th birthday!

We had to pre-register online what time slot we would be walking and I really thought it was going to be complete mayhem but it turned out to be such a smooth carefree 45 minute walk from North Sydney towards the city.
They gave everyone a neon green cap and it looked like a sea of green from above. Lots of media helicopters in the air, everyone was waving madly!

The clouds were gray and we thought it was going to pour down with rain but lucky for us it didnt! Its raining now but its 10.40pm so Im heading off to bed....
Sydney' Famous Arch

My favourite view of the Bridge is from Observatory Hill

After the walk we headed down to
'The Rocks' for lunch.
Some vintage beach life guards.
Love the zinc cream!


  1. What an awesome celebration! I always get little tugs at my heartstrings when I see so many people celebrate something like that! I love the zinc, do they still make that stuff!?

  2. Looks like a great day!

  3. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Happy Birthday Bridge! I watched a fabulous doco on the bridge and saw the tunnels that weave underneath. It truly is one of Australia's man made wonders.
    Can I borrow one of your lifeguards for my Bondi boxes? lol
    Have a gorgeous week. xox

  4. cruststation9:20 PM

    Wonderful photographs, oh it looks so much fun! Isn't it cool to take part in something of historical significance? Love the last pic, so funny :)

  5. Wonderful fun! I love the first photo! The walk across the bridge reminds me of the walk across the Golden Gate celebration.

  6. love the lifeguards!
    what an amazing experience. the bridge is beautiful... looks like so much fun to walk across!

  7. This was a fun post to read Anastasia! It's a beautiful structure and deserves to be celebrated!
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving such sweet thoughts. I appreciate it!

  8. He! He! How odd ... we had a marathon over here as well on Sunday and it starts over a bridge similar to San Francisco in California and which is closed to people, apart from these days when they close it to the traffic and people can go on it ... so the scene was similar to those photos of yours.
    We had plans to participate (walking over the bridge not running :) but in the end I wanted to put otchi-potchi live so I didn't go.

  9. what a wonderful thing to do as a family! happy birthday, coat hanger!

  10. saw the documentary on the telly... amazing tale... so glad it got built... love Sydney and always aim to have an annual visit. I think next time I'll go on a bridge climb...e


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