March 9, 2007

What a week so far…
Work has been chaotic!! A collegue resigned this week, she was so pissed off she just got her handbag and left – very courageous on her part but bad for us as we have to sort through her paperwork and unfinished projects.
I was a sad to see her go so upset like that as she had been under a lot of pressure lately….Isnt it funny when you work hard to have a better quality of life but sometimes work takes over your life and you forget whats really important…Lucky I don’t have that problem haha...

So I started on my root canal treatment this week, no fun there!
I had a lovely little scenario in my head that I'd drop the boys at my mum’s and get to my appointment a couple of hours early, sit in a nice cosy café reading my book and eating something delicious and sipping my tea nice and slowly.
…nothing like that happened of course…I was so rushed off my feet that day that I missed out on eating altogether and then my tooth was extremely sensitive that I couldn’t eat until very late at night – I was starving!!

Here are some lovely craft images from my new Japanese craft magazines – my friend Helen got back from Japan last month and bought me 6 books + 3 magazines! I have yet to sit and really look at them properly but the Japanese style is really calming and I love the basic, simple designs and styles. Very clever those Japanese!!
Helen is planning to move there next year so I guess I might just have to pay her a visit!

Andrew bought some duck eggs home the other day – one of his staff members has a hobby farm and was selling them $1 for a dozen– they are quite large and very heavy and I made a delicious ham and cheese omelette last night, it was really good!! … what else can I make?

This is what Ive been working on the past couple of nights. 1 inch square collages….this is for a swap hosted by Renmeleon and the theme is Green Monotone. I
had seen these teeny tiny collages on Lia’s blog as Lia is the queen of 1 inch collages – she is aiming to make 1000 of them, you can see her progress here!

I made mine with different shades of green paint then using green shades of twinkling H20 paints I rubber stamped some floral images, I added green paper here and there, then cut them up into 1 “ squares….now I need to finish by adding images and embellishing. I had an old Sotheby’s catalogue with lots of miniature images so cut out some of those and I had a few vintage comincs so used some of them too….I’ll give them a thin wash of green ink and add some more green details. If you click on my picture you can see it in greater detail.
You can see Lia’s tutorial on how she makes hers here
Have a great day!!!


  1. You are so creative! The collages are great! My favorite is the close-up face in the bottom row.

  2. the butterfly collector4:02 PM

    Love your collages!

  3. Love your collage! The pics from the books and the eggs are lovely too! Hope work gets better and your tooth too! (I had a root canal a couple of years ago - no fun, but not as bad as I'd expected it to be).

  4. lovely craft images - they are so calming!! Hope your root canal treatment goes ok..ouch!

    And you collage is going to be great!!!!
    Have a lovely weekend xx

  5. Great post, so much happening, root canal - eek!

  6. hi anastasia! the collages are wonderful... i love them all. and the green is so pretty!
    and oh, japanese craft magazines... so much goodness there. i feel so inspired whenever i look at them. the aesthetic is so clean and modern and interesting, with such good details and styling.
    hope your tooth is feeling better so you can enjoy some more duck eggs!

  7. Wow!!! those tiny collagesare fabulous!!!! I love the trend of extended posts filling everyone in on their goings on! I am honestly interested and curiuos about whats happening to those I have come to hold dear! ...and believe me I understand chaos right now,I hope your tooth woes do not last long.

  8. Seems like youa re the busy busy busy bee!!!! Oh those eggs!!! How delightful! Make a quiche! Make egg salad! Make lemon bars!!!! Custard?? Creme brulee?? Now i am hungry. And those little greenies!! Oh my! The patience!!!!xxo, vanessa

  9. Oh, I'd love that little thing with the cat on it!!
    I'd go for creme brulee too or a rich bread and butter pudding (sprinkle icing sugar on the top when it comes out and caramelise it, for good measure!)or just custard with anything you like!!
    Hope your tooth is no longer hurting.

  10. those collages are excellent. and if you go to japan, please let me know. i may join you. :)

  11. Sorry to hear about your co-worker and your tooth!!I lvoe the little coinpurses! I am such a sucker for small lovely coin purses and handbags like that!

  12. cruststation4:23 AM

    Sorry about your colleage who left, it's a shame when work life gets too much and it becomes life. Thank you for sharing images from your Japanese craft books and magazines, how wonderful that your friend Helen is moving there, oh how I wish I knew someone who lived there, yes definitely pay a visit :) isn't it just the dream?! great collage!

  13. I have never heard of a one inch collage. I am glad to kearn about it. I can't wait to give it a try.

  14. Wow loads of work has gone into your little 1 inch squares.

    Root canal work how horrendous, my dentist started that on my tooth, but I wasn't happy after the first session, so I changed densists and had my tooth taken out instead. Much quicker and less painful in the end!

  15. root canals are not fun at all, i've had a few! i hope you feel better.
    you are so lucky, i love japanese books and magazines and i would love to visit japan one day.
    those eggs look wonderful and i bet the omelette was so yummy.
    i love your little collages all together.

  16. Ohhh, your inchies are so cute! Love the emerald green color. I started making inchies myself, though not quite as many as you've got (yet), and I doubt I'll ever make 1000 like Lia...who seems to be everyone's inspiration, including mine!

    Great work!

  17. I must be out of touch, I haven't seen the one inch collages but I love the concept and creativity! Nice job :)


  18. Very interesting how she can work in such a confined area -- micro art!

  19. Oh japanese crafts books are just gorgeous. Thank you allowing me to have a few.
    Love the eggs photo :)


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