April 15, 2007

Chilling out.....

Just uploading some of my pictures from the Sydney Royal Easter Show last Monday.

We had such a great time! there is always so much to see and do and I must admit I hang out for it each year, Im worse than any kid. haha...We were there for 9hrs so a long tiring day but the boys did so well!

Helen from Grabyourfork has a great post about the food at the show.

This weekend was pretty quiet which was great. Every now and then I just want to chill and hang out at home. I even had a nap this afternoon, the boys were asleep, Andrew was on his laptop finishing budgets for work and I just dozed off...Zzzzz...very unusual for me but I guess my body was trying to tell me I needed a break.

Anyway friends, here's to a great week for us all!

Cake decorating displays - chinoisere inspired cake, such pretty detail

Sushi cake -this looked so amazingly real!

'My little cupcake' stand - delicious

Peter and Styliana saying hello to the piglets

Floral Birthday cake and beautiful flowers in the garden pavilion


  1. mariannealice8:25 PM

    Every year when I went to the show I was allowed to buy a kewpie doll on a stick...I just had to buy one each for the girls this year ..love your pics of them...

  2. Hi, Ohh i missed the show again this year. Your photos make me want to go (especially the cake photos).

  3. cruststation10:20 PM

    The Easter show looks like so much fun! Especially the beautifully decorated cakes, and the kewpie dolls on sticks are just adorably kitsch :)

  4. Oh wow! I love the cakes :b

  5. all the photos are so great, anastasia!
    it sounds like sydney is a wonderful place full of things to do with the family.

  6. If I had been with you, you would have had to hold me back because, I would have non-chalantly strolled up to one of those cakes, and then just Smooshed my face into the biggest one. YUMM! Oh, love the piggies too!!!!

  7. the butterfly collector8:54 PM

    wow, those cakes look fabulous!

  8. those cake photos are so delectable... love the sushi cake!


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