April 24, 2007

Soft Hues for a rainy day.....

I had a few deadlines at work yesterday so stayed back until 6.00pm - thats very late for me
as I only do part time hours.

As I was getting ready to leave the office, a huge thunderstorm was brewing and the rain just got worse and worse.
I'm such a chicken driving in the rain - it was dark and shiny and I couldnt see very well....my contacts felt hazy and my car windows fogged up and I was freaking out and trying to convince myself I would make it haha.... By the time I picked up the boys and drove home we were all soaked to the core.....so it rained all night and its still raining now, not complaining though as we need the rain, despretley need it!

After I put the boys to sleep I sat down to draw but just wasnt in the mood so I cooked instead....beef bourguignon, that will be tonights dinner. I love stews and casseroles because after the quick preparation, turn the heat down and simmer for a couple of hours - how easy is that!

My Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion magazine came in the mail yesterday and it got totaly wet so I let the poor thing dry overnight and its still wet....all the pages are buckled! There is an article with Rhonna Farrar and Im thrilled as Im going to be doing an Art Attack workshop with her this weekend at 'Freestyle DownUnder'! There is also another talented artist coming from the USA, Emily Falconbridge and Im also enroled in one of her workshops! Cant wait!
So I leave you with some pretty images.....
* Top sofa image from Domino magazine
* Romantic girls - advertisement from Max & Co (I think?! its an old clipping....)
* Sherbets & Mousse from Flickr
* Flower Tower in Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion by
* Cake please photo by Arthur Elgort for Vogue


  1. What beautiful photos, that stir my imagination. Dreamy! I wish i could take such type of photos!!

  2. Pretty, pretty pictures. And send some of that rain down our way, please?

  3. I know what you mean about the rain. I was driving home in the rain too. I think part of the reason i don't feel that comfortable about driving in the rain now is because it doesn't happen very often.

  4. Theres nothing like a thunderstorm to bring out the casseroles!! Enjoy the rain!

  5. I'm making a big pot of veggie soup for the very same reason. It is simmering & bubbling away on the stove.
    see you, g

  6. We've had rain solid for 2 days. My garden is so happy as we haven't had rain for a month I think.

  7. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Glad you got home safely. How lovely that the rain spurs you to cook :)
    I love the photos especially the romantic girls and cake tower! Beautiful.

  8. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Wasnt it so nice to see rain! Except when you have to drive in it... I love your photos on this post, especially the flower tower! So pretty! xo

  9. What eye candy!I am a total wimp about driving in the rain too,but what a lovely evening of cooking and rain!!!

  10. Fun things to look at around here. Love the pics! I will have to get that mary issue.

  11. Love all the photos. Know what you mean about the rain...we needed it sooo badly in Texas, but it finally rained and rained...12" in two days at one point. So, thankfully, our drought is over this time.

    Have a good rest of the week.

  12. Anonymous8:19 AM

    love your images! i think my favorites are the two girls. i would love one of those dresses!

  13. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Okay, it is not a secret. I adore cake inspired themes in anything. I wish I was there for the lovely dinner. Oh the fear of "arriving" in scary weather is one that I do not like. I am so glad you and the boys got home safe! I am sure that girl just wishes for cakes and never eats any... hee hee.....xxo, V

  14. What wonderful photos! I love the coloring of that one with the two girls. Not to mention those gorgeous cake pictures! Yummy!

  15. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Lovely photos - we've had the first bout of rain for weeks, not sure that the chickens liked it much, though!

    Have a lovely week - and enjoy the rain (pretty brolly?!)

  16. Wonderful images! I love the last one - stylin'! :-)

  17. hello darling girl, i just had to come over and say hi, your from australia as well, fantastic( mate)every thing looks so dreamy.

  18. very dreamy images indeed... i love the towers of sweets especially :)
    you poor dear driving home in the rain... it scares me to death! i get all white-knuckled and every cell of me is tensed up. glad you made it home safe and sound! and a stew or casserole is the perfect thing for a night like that... warm comfort food! xo

  19. Anonymous2:55 PM

    great pics, love them all! You've found another special mag!

  20. Heavy Sydney rain. Always used to terrify me when I was driving - nose 1 inch from the windscreen, just begging to get there safely. I love your blog even when I'm not homesick!

  21. Anonymous7:00 PM

    what a lovely blog you have here, so inspiring :)

    sofia :)


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