May 26, 2007

Just a Kid

My son Peter has a really large poster of Homer Simpson near his bed. I cant stand it as its a real eyesore!
He doesnt even watch the Simpsons but when the poster came free with the daily newspaper he demanded it go up in his room.
Whenever I sweetly suggest we take it down he starts crying! Im
such a mean mummy......................

I recently bought some
'Small People' postcards from Marianne
and I plan to frame some for one of the walls in their room. I must admit not having done much in their room, it still looks quite baby-ish although they're growing up super fast!!
Maybe I should show him some nicer alternatives...

I love these movie Posters from 'Jacques Tati' films
Babar the Elephant was
a favourite of mine

Pirate Boy is
super! what little boy doesnt pretend he is a pirate. This piece is by Amy Alexander at GeorgieLove

I recently found
MillyMollyMandy etsy shop - I love Mandy's illustrations. This one is my favourite, maybe not for my boys but Id be happy with that over my bed!


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  2. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Hi Anastasia
    I just love Milly Molly Mandy etsy store. I have bought a few things from her. I bought the cowboys one for my son's cowboy room, and another one of a little boy holding a ball. I think she is extremely talented.

  3. That's so funny. I'd be taking down the poster too. Mandy's illustration is beautiful.

  4. Anonymous7:18 PM

    I love the vintage style posters. How about saying to the boys that big boys don't have posters like this in their rooms, and gently persuade them to a bit of room redecoration?

  5. your poster alternatives are beautiful!!! maybe you could swap one of them round with homer when Peter is out of the house!!!

  6. Oh I love them all! What fun retro bold colors! Good luck switching the poster!! [ =

  7. Such lovely images!!!!!
    I also love the Babar one.......I have made an agreement with my teens....all posters and "other" decor...inside their wardrope doors and on the pin boards....helps to control the "ugly" to the minimum

  8. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Oh Goodness... I would so be in your same dilema...Hmmm... I love the posters you shared... and if they were nicely framed, it would look very very good.. I do think so! Go for it! xxxooo

    Homer has got to go... heeeheehehee

    then again, if the boy likes it.. then, C'est la vie...? I just don't know....

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  10. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Oh I love the Tati Movies, great posters! I have to admit I've been a bit hopeless in Andrew's room too! I had grand delusions of the perfect nursery too! He ended up in our room for a year and now in his room he has nature posters everywhere his Dad has put up! Must make him something and the baby too!

  11. Those prints are all so cute... a wonderful alternative to Homer Simpson, I'd say! :)

  12. those posters are fantastic! i think he would go for changind the poster if he liked another one better, you can only try, no?
    i know that pretty soon i will have to put the baby word down in fiona's room and it makes me a little sad.
    i hope you are having a wonderful week.

  13. I love Jacques Tati films. I've watched all of them :)


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