June 14, 2007

Illustration Friday - Suit

When I was about 17 or so I had my mum sew me a 'cheap and chic' copy of a Chanel suit very similar to my drawing this week. She added braided trim to the jacket's hem and sleeves and we added tiny gold/pearl look buttons. The skirt was a short soft pleat and Id wear it with black tights. I felt so grown up and very stylish ....my sister and I fought over the jacket as she always wanted to wear it - so much so, that my mum then made her one too!

Coco Chanel designed her classic collarless suit in 1923 - its still perfect today! A real Chanel jacket has a chain sewn into the hem to add weight so the jacket sits right. Coco was all about elegance and comfort. Karl Lagerfeld does a great job at Chanel these days but the prices are not for the average gal....

Other classic suits that I love - Bianca Jagger's simple Yves Saint Laurent wedding suit!

and who can forget this classic suit....makes me want to put on ' The Bee Gee's' and do a little crazy disco dance!


  1. I love your drawing!!! I love that whole look. I am sure you looked perfect in that suit. I always wanted one of those Chanel suits, but seeing as how I am a starving student and artist, I could only ever admire a suit like that. Very lovely. maybe you should re-make yourself that outfit or at least sell copies of your drawing!!

  2. cruststation11:35 PM

    How wonderful to be able to choose something from a magazine and have your mum replicate it :) I wish I could do that (love your drawing). You are very knowledgeable about fashion, do we get to see a picture?

  3. Very cute story! And nice drawing!

  4. Very snappy and informative!

  5. Wonderful drawing, Anastasia! And I love the photos that go with it!

  6. Nice suits indeed.
    Love your line drawing too :)
    Have a great weekend!

  7. What a lovely drawing of your suit, I can imagine it now. I think alot of the Chanel range is very timeless - as good clothes should be :)

    Have a lovely weekend (and sorry I haven't commented for ages :(!

  8. Oh I love this illustration - my fave of yours!!!!!! It goes so well with the next photo!!!

    Have a lovely weekend xx

  9. I adore your drawing (the bunny is a nice touch too). Those jackets are timeless indeed.

  10. I had no idea about the cahin in the hem. I had a channel copy style suit when I was about 14 form Miss Selfridge in a grey silverish fabric. I loved it so much.

  11. i love your illustration! and those other suits too.

  12. You have most definitely covered the iconic whitesuit image ,but wheres 70's Elvis!?! KIDDING!!! His goofy jumpsuit simply would not go with the other lovely images,especially your own.


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