July 25, 2007


A couple of months ago my mother decided to turn a section of her back garden into a vegetable patch so off she went along with my dad - digging and digging, then Sydney had some heavy rain for days and the garden ended up a huge muddy mess but its all been restored to a neat and organised area now.
There is still plenty of grass area for playing ball and running around and we're all looking forward to fresh home grown vegies! They've even sectioned a small area for my Peter to have his own vegie garden which he is very excited about! He always wants to visit his grandparents to see the progress.
There's fresh corriander, lettuce, radishes and lots of other herbs too!
My mum also had lots of pumpkin growing so on Sunday I went around and we made pumpkin pasties....cubed pumpkin, raisins, cracked wheat, cinnamon, pepper and sugar - a beautiful spicy filling!

The finished pies! I love them hot or cold! - they are delicious!
Yesterday my neighbours bought round a bag full of homegrown oranges and lemons. Their trees are currently full so it was nice of them to share them with us. The oranges are quite small compared to the monstrous ones in supermarkets but they sure taste good!


  1. Oh Yum...
    Hey thanks for dropping by my blog Anastasia lovely to see a new name :O)
    Love your ATC's too :O) you have put a very original twist to them, I like that!

  2. mmmm, yummy! the pies look like what we call 'empanadas'. it is so great that you made them with your mum's homegrown pumpkins.
    i love your mum's garden, what a beautiful thing to do and so great that little peter is participating too.

  3. cruststation5:26 PM

    How wonderful to have green fingers and to keep such a neat vegetable patch in the back garden -so envious! The pumpkin pasties look delish! *enjoy*

  4. What a wonderful post!
    Those little pies look so good, and it's nice to have a recipe for using pumpkin this way. I usually make the more traditional dessert pie, but don't remember making anything else with pumpkin.
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. DANG! That is one nice looking patch!

  6. Hi again Anastasia,
    in answer to your question..
    its a scanned image from a vintage childrens book, if you email me (there is an email addy in my profile) I'll email you it! :O)

  7. Wow, these pumpkin pastries look so scrumptious! Your mum's garden looks absolutely beautiful. It is so hot here we having been just trying to keep everything alive.

  8. What a neat little garden you have there! Your Mom is very creative indeed.

    Mmmmm... I love pumpkin pies! Yours look delicious!


    KB :)

  9. that looks like a nice and tidy little plot. your mum and dad did a good job.
    the pumpkin pasties look divine.

  10. please please share the recipe for the pumpkin pasties! They look too good!

  11. those pumpkin treats sound amazing. what a perfect winter meal... pumpkin and citrus! the homegrown oranges always do taste better, don't they?

  12. oh please let me know the quantities and cooking time for these pasties. We are always looking for new receipes for our pumpkins - love Julia x

  13. Gabbie7:18 PM

    wow, please can l have the recipe for the pasties, they sound yummy. And the veggie patch is divine!!!


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