September 21, 2007

A few loves....

ohhh my poor blog, i feel like ive neglected it. Life is so hectic!! I dont know if its just me not managing my time properly or are you also so busy and rushing around all the time??

I thought id share some pics of cool flea market & Op shop finds
that I scored recently. Some cute cute 70's swap cards - love these babies and their big heads!! what sweet eyes....

and some more vintage playing cards...what fun!!

Vintage childrens books...these were being sold by the original owner!! Ughh!! how sad...I'll take care of them Mr Dennis...promise!!!

the 'ABC' book was a gift for his 4th Birthday, from his grandparents way back in 1952.

Arent they lovely?? the fish bowl shaped book is really sweet...never seen anything like it!

another thing Ive always loved is dance wear for day wear... I adore fitted ballet wrap tops - must be my love of the movies FAME & Flashdance...Ive been tempted at

Today Neo and I made biscotti (bis means twice cooked), I got the recipe from Tessa Kiros cookbook 'Twelve' they turned out really good and I let them oven dry all afternoon.

So yummy! and they are low in fat and calories...well Ok they do have quite a bit of sugar but we all need a little sweetness in life....right?


  1. Your scones look wonderful. I've been wanting to try making some.

  2. oh, old books! i love, love, love old books. i have a few from my mother and they are about to fall apart, but i still love them so!

  3. busy and rushing around... tell me about it :) i feel like i have neglected the blog too! i am hoping this is just a wave and things will settle... eventually!
    such beautiful book + card finds... just lovely! and that biscotti looks wonderful. i have always wanted to try making it but never have!

  4. What yummies you found! What yummies to eat! I love the goldfish book. Yes,time ...never enough.

  5. cruststation5:36 AM

    You have the best flea markets over there,love your cute cards and what an interesting story behind them too. Your baking looks delicious, making me hungry :) Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Your flea market finds are lovely and it's so nice to know that you'll be giving those books a good home.

  7. lovely finds here :-) I especially love the swap cards.

  8. Lovley loves...those biscuits looks so good!

    Also rushing around here non-stop lately...waiting for some quiet time :) xx

  9. I made biscotti a while back and they were delicious - they kept really well (months actually) when kept in an airtight tin, and were the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee or a sumptuous hot chocolate. Bliss!

    The books look fantastic, my mum has all of mine stashed at her house, hoping I'll have children to pass them on to. I definitely couldn't part with them, especially not "The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear" which was one of my favourites!

  10. You've been getting more lovely work done. You are so good at everything that you do. Very creative, and I enjoy seeing it all.
    I love biscotti, especially one I buy here that has a bit of orange in it. I've never tried baking it myself. I should give it a try!
    Thank you for being such a good friend to my blog. I appreciate it!

  11. Mum used to make biscotti all the time, and seeing your lovely results makes me want to try and make some too.

  12. Ooh Anastasia, what lovely finds! Gorgeous books and cards!

    Allison x

  13. what fun finds! I love those 70's cards with the kids' big eyes, too.

  14. This biscuits are also called Cantuccini (or Cantucci) in Italy. And they are really delicious! :)


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