November 23, 2007

My little Herd....

Have you seen all the beautiful softies everyone is making for the 'Softies for Mirabel, Christmas craft appeal'... ??
Such a great cause and a big thanks to Pip for organizing.

Sewing is not something I enjoy as im pretty crap at hard is it to sew a straight line? (it is... it is...) but I just had to contribute... so here are my (flatish...) elephants...down to Melbourne they go stomping....stomping

Here are two sweet images from a 1950's Vintage children's book called 'The Zoo'.... love the little children especially how they are dressed! too sweet.....

Some other exciting news...I won Flossy-p's thanksgiving raffle and the prize is a painting done by her!!! I get to choose the subject, mood, wonderful! What a fantastic prize!
Ive asked her to do something for the boy's room...cant wait - she is such a talented artist!!! you can see some of her artwork at her etsy shop


  1. Anonymous3:18 AM

    I am going to be and age that totale 5. Soooo, I like to be so intouch with my 5 year old self. I adore the softies and thebooks and all the rest that children would love. Ahhh, being in touch with my 5 year old self is sooo much fun!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Ooh, the softie thing is a wonderful idea. Love the big 'heart' around blogland, and your wonderful elephants. Congrats on winning the Thanksgiving raffle, can't wait to see the finished thing.

  3. Your elephants are lovely. That book is fab too. Well you must be so exciting about choosing what sort of picture you want done, congratulations ! ~ love Julia x

  4. Love your flatish elephants. They look so sweet as they stomp. They touch my heart.
    So happy we could meet at the Prom Anastasia!

  5. i love the elephants... so cute! and congrats on the raffle. what a fantastic prize!

  6. Anonymous5:50 AM

    Your elephants are so cute Anastasia!!! You should do more sewing!!

  7. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Your softie elephants are gorgeous - and your sewing is much better than mine!

    Have a lovely week and enjoy your wonderful prize!


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