January 25, 2008

Some awards and a FAB gift!

When I got back home from our trip i found these beauties in the mail! my gorgeous friend Tammy had this stunning Ali J print sent for my birthday!! Months ago I was telling Tammy that I loved this particular 'Are you looking at Me' print and it means so much that she remembered! Ali sent me a smaller print too - so generous! they are going up on my walls soon!

I got awarded two blogging awards! the lovely Allison gave me a 'Thinkers Blog Award' and sweet Cindy gave me a 'You Make me Smile' award...Thanks girls! it means a lot!!! everyone's comments mean a lot to me too - even though Ive been blogging for a while now, i still get a thrill when I read people's comments on my posts!

Im going to list 5 blogs that get me thinking and who also make me smile MartaWrites - she writes so beautifully, have a look and Im sure you'll agree

Decor8 - stunning interiors and FAB interviews with creative gals!

Natasha Burns - Art and fun fun fun!

Amisha's heavenly Days - beautiful thoughts and such a sweetheart!

and Jungle Dream Pagoda is always fun - vintage fashions galore, you'll always have a ball when you visit!

Last night we went to see 'The Police' reunion tour - it was fantastic!!! the crowd was electric...Sting came out with a full grown beard, he's been up at Byron Bay all month so I guess enjoying the Australian beach and chilled out lifestyle! I had such a good time...now Im hanging out for George Michael to come and tour and then all my teenage music fantasies will be satisfied!

Ive been working on Valentine's Day cards for a swap and I will also be making more goodies for Meet Me At Mikes store....busy weekend ahead!


  1. The police reunion tour?? OH!!!! I wish I had been there! I looooooooove them! The molded my youth :) xoxooxox

  2. Blog friends are the greatest, have a fun-filled weekend!

  3. You totally deserve these awards :-)

    Well done :-)

  4. Those prints are exquisite; they remind me of Japanese etchings...

  5. You deserve these awards and thank you so much for choosing me in there too!
    Wow those prints are so exquisite aren't they!
    Did you have a fun time up in Queensland or was it raining the whole time you were up there?

  6. thank you so much for the mention, dear anastasia!! i am so happy to know you.
    and i am envious of your police concert... sting... ooh la la!! i absolutely love him.


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