March 23, 2008

Once Upon a Time.....

I love this Fairy Tales book published by Deans - London (1967)
the late 60's illustrations are adorable - love the shaggy hair do's that the kids sport - they were so in at the time....really great details!

*Front and back covers.... for more vintage illustrations
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  1. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Oh, how I want that book!! To snuggle up right now!! ;) xoxo

  2. Yes yes yes! I love the Dean's series, just like YOU do! How wonderful to see it here! I have a really good Cowboy one! You would LOVE it!

  3. Oh I love this too, Anastasia, I have a few of these Dean's books by the same illustrators, they are so special! You have great taste!

  4. I have a book like this! It was mine when I was little, and I used to look at this one picture and wish I could have a pretty dress like that. I still get it out and look at it sometimes. Someday I'll read it to my kids.

  5. I saw this linked on ULLABENULLA and I knew it had to be from the same illustrator as the nursery rhyme book I had growing up. I loved the pictures so much!


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