March 10, 2008


Inspiring Images......

from what Ive read around the blogging community, it appears we all love cutting out inspiring pictures from magazines - i have folders full of images that have inspired me over the years....

Veronica and I thought it would be cool to share some of these images so for the next month we're both going to do a post a day showing inspiring images on our blogs...mine will be a mix of interiors, fashion, quirky and vintage
and I'll still be posting some of my normal posts like Illustration Friday (which i didnt do last week - naughty me) and my contribution to 'This is...'
so hope you come back and check to see what inspires me!

Veronica also started a flickr group -
Pages that Inspire - anyone with flickr can join in and share their favourite images from magazines and books!
* image from UK Easy Living*


  1. what a great start! i love this image! the bunting is perfect, and that hat...
    i will start a little later today {during nap time}.
    thank you for the inspiration, dear anastasia!

  2. I love this picture. I wish I had a room like that and could sit in beautiful gowns and sip tea. I collect many inspiring images as well. I need to come up with an interesting and complimentary way of always having them out or up on a wall. Right now they are in a folder in a drawer.

  3. Anonymous1:27 PM

    I like the idea of sharing magazine cutouts, I have so many! I'll have to join in when I have more time.


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