April 19, 2008

Red Week
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Red + Pay it Forward....

Moline is celebrating a week of RED so thought Id create a Flickr mosaic with some great images...you can click on the link to see details of the photos I found - dont you just love Flickr?

I also found some RED in my home.....vintage books and cut out images, ribbon and yes, we're still eating Easter eggs...actually its Greek Easter this coming week!

The lovely Kyla was doing Pay it Forward on her blog so I grabbed the chance to join in - its a nice way to receive some fun mail and it makes someones day a little happier, non?

so here is me asking if anyone wants to play along - I will send a parcel out to the first 2 interested bloggers,
then you have to do the same on your blog....it can be a parcel for one blogger or more - totally upto you but the point is to keep it going ...
oh and you have 365 days to send something - so no pressure...no rush! it doesnt have to cost much either!
my parcel will be a mix of goodies - vintage & new, edible & handmade...a suprise!

oh and im happy to mail overseas too...

Happy Saturday everyone!!


  1. I was here leaving a comment when I heard your comment come through on mine...we are feeling each others vibe. ;)

    I LOVE your red mosaic. So cheerful. Have a great weekend!

    xo ~Suzanne

  2. Anonymous12:53 PM

    love the red!!!!! Happy Sunny Weekend!

  3. Hello,
    Just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog - I've been a bit busy this past week, and haven't been doing much blog catching up.
    I can tell already that I'm going to love reading yours. Your magazine pictures are great - like snippets of a journal I'm sneaking through. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hello!
    love your red mosaic and thanks for popping bye ; )

  5. I'll play - if you still want someone to send lovely things too. I can handle a year...;-) Maureen

  6. I'm up for a pay it forward. I've been thinking about joining in one for ages. Count me in if you still need someone.

  7. I think this is the MOST lovely idea!

    But, because I live in the US, please don't bother sending me something (give it to someone in your area who needs a happy day!)...I'll simply start a Pay It Forward post on MY blog later today and see if I can insire some of my US readers to do the same!

  8. I love red! It's my favorite color. Great red goodies!


  9. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Lovely reds, especially those from your home. Happy Easter!


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