April 26, 2008

Week of French: Style Icon - Brigette Bardot

last post for a 'Week of French...'
of course i just had to post images of 60's sex kitten
Brigette Bardot. A style icon for many!

Way before Claudia Schiffer got labelled the new 'Bardot', my high school friend Melissa who did some modeling whilst at school was in a fashion layout for Australian HERO magazine - it was exciting for us to see
our friend posing like Brigette, not sure what Surfer boy has got to do with it - do they surf in France?

Thanks Tanya and Pip for hosting a Week of French!

its Greek Easter this weekend, my sister and I have already made our Easter Flaounes (Cheese pies)
so I'll be baking more goodies today and hosting Easter lunch tommorow!! have a fun weekend!!
*Vintage Bardot images from Google images and Hero magazine clippings from my collection*


  1. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Mmmm...Greek cheese pies. Please post a recipe?!?

  2. Yes please on the recipe. And enjoy your Easter!

  3. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Oh wow, I kept that Hero Magazine for ages and remember that Bardot layout really well! You just transplanted me back to my teenage years discovering magazines in the newsagents!!!Have a fabulous french weekend!

  4. love these bardot images... she is so lovely and glam! and the week of france... sigh... now i'm dreaming of a french holiday!

  5. Anonymous10:08 AM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Ahhh BB.. great images, wasn't she gorgeous.. She also sings beautifully... maybe i'll do a youtube of her.. xx

  7. Gorgeous images! Hope you have a great Easter....

  8. Anonymous7:34 PM

    She is one stunning icon!

  9. BB is an icon . SHe was so gorgeous


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