May 13, 2008

Shades of girl
I havent been feeling very creative you ever get like that?
so many ideas swirling around in my head but I cant seem to put anything to action!

i recently did a good clean up of my craft goods - I had stuff everywhere and our spare room was looking crazy that everything is neat and tidy and in its place its probably affecting my creativitiy....out of sight out of mind....
Ive recently signed up for two swaps so I hope to start soon - Im ready to jump in....and get messy!!

loving all these beautiful shades of pinks and favourite colours!!

Norman Parkinson photos from
Vogue ArtGroup
to see details of my 'Shades of Girl'
flickr mosaic click HERE*


  1. I love it! So pretty! The mosaic makes me so happy. You find such great images: I love the Vogue photos.

  2. Anonymous11:02 PM

    Happy Mothers Day, hope you had a wonderful breakfast and that PINK dress, SWoon!!! Lovely! And Did you know Holly featured your blog on Decor8 along with a whole host of Aussie blogs!?

  3. those images are utterly scrumptious !! thanks for the delicious eye candy....wish my foxgloves looked like those...they have stopped coming up altogether, actually.

  4. I love your blog. You have such a great eye for colour and I love the vintage goodies that you are always sharing. Thanks.

  5. Those colours really look so beautiful. You have an amazing eye.

  6. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Beautiful lilacs. I am always amazed how you fit in your creative endeavours / swaps and looking after two boys, you're an inspiration!


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