July 20, 2008

this is....what makes me happy!

apart from my boys and hubby who (usually) put a smile on my face, i try to find happiness in the little things that we sometimes take for granted in our everyday life....
today it was
*homemade chicken soup (ive got a cold... wahhhh)
*fresh out of the oven cake
*Music (currently loving 'Paris is Burning'
by Ladyhawke)
* a stack of new magazines
* a trip to 'That Vintage store'
in Enmore to help my sister choose some chandeleirs for her house....nice!

a happy moment from the other day - Peter & I ventured into town on Friday to meet Andrew for lunch and we found ourselves in a train carriage full of Brazilian youths (pilgrims) here for World Youth Week (the Pope's in town people!!)...what a wonderful 20min train ride... they had their guitars out, singing, cheering, clapping and I got caught up in the fun of it all ... a happy train ride!

Big thanks to Jacinta
for this weeks topic and to see more 'This is ' entries go to Angela's blog
* pictures by me - today's lunch & old wares from 'that vintage store'*


  1. Homemade chicken soup in a bunnykins bowl would make me happy too!

  2. oooh homemade chicken soup and cake hot from the oven. I could do with some of that too! Sounds great. Love your photos and "That vintage Store" sounds like lots of fun. Is that where the pic of the pigeon holes is taken?
    Love it!

  3. I'll have to head over to That Vintage Store, never been there, it looks great!

  4. That shops looks fab xx

  5. Girls and their mags seems to be appearing as a bit of a pattern ;).

    Great list!

  6. I hope you get better soon. What mags have you got on the bedside table? I love the look of that store and will hunt it down next time I am in Sydney. I usually stay at Stanmore with a mate, so Enmore's close. Yah.

  7. What a fun train ride! All those things make me happy too - mmmmm chicken soup!

  8. ha, you must have had fun :) A great collection of happy things - you can't beat a good chicken soup!

  9. wow your happy things make me happy too.(except for your cold)the sight of those vintage buttons....makes me happy thickled pink happy!have a great week and hope your cold will be gone soon!Oh well it is a good excuse to curl up with another magazine!xoxo

  10. All those that make you happy make me happy too!

    I hope you have a speedy recovery from your cold.

    World youth week was fun huh? I avoided the crowds and stayed at home but it was a humbling experience.

    Anna :)

  11. what a great list and as for the vintage store!! looks amazing.
    Hope you're on the mend soon (I'm sure the chicken soup would've helped :)

  12. Hi from Paris Anastasia,

    as i noticed through your comments that you like stylish people, i just wanted to warn you before i go to bed (it's late in Paris) : my last street style photos could make you fall in love with Paris and the stylish parisian girls ! lol

    i wish you a pleasant evening and hope that my com is not intrusive

    cheers from Paris
    let's drink wine, switch links and have fun ! lol


  13. Anonymous12:17 AM

    The vintage store looks fabulous, Mmm...homemade chicken soup, hope you get better soon.

  14. oooo, That Vintage Store... now I'm missing Sydney!


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