October 16, 2008

Blogtoberfest - Day 16

Anne of Green Gables....
Does anyone else love the story of oprhan Anne Shirely?
the book celebrated its 100 years of publication this past June!
last week my friend Helen gave me a cute travel brochure on 'Prince Edward Island' which she picked up whilst in Japan.
The island is where the author of the book Lucy Montgamery was born and where the story was set....we both found it so cool that the Japanese organise 'Anne of Green Gables' tours... I guess there are Anne fans everywhere!
*Anne's room - image from travel brochure*


  1. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Yes. I grew up reading all the books and watching the movies. I was so obsessed that my Dad promised me a trip and we drove out their from WA state when I was 14. It's so pretty I want to go back. In fact, I just posted about it the other day. You should visit P.E.I. It's soo pretty!

  2. Yes, very much loved - loves that story

  3. Oohh! I haven't read the whole series yet only Rilla of Ingleside.

    My mum was named after the character of Marilla =)

    I must check out this series!

  4. I loved the Anne books, and I swooned over Gilbert Blythe in the series!

  5. Anonymous10:31 PM

    yes, i loved the movie

  6. Anonymous3:38 AM

    Love those books.My daughter has the complete set.

  7. Anonymous3:39 AM

    Yes I love all of them. My daughter has the set.

  8. Anonymous3:39 AM

    OOps posted twice lol

  9. Do the Japanese have a tour for the American ?? island, or is it a Japanese island. Tad confused. It is American isn't it?

  10. haha! its actually part of Canada ( i think!)
    so yes, the Japanese organise tours for Japanese to Green Gables on Prince Edward Island...

  11. Anonymous4:48 AM

    *good natured delightful story, love that her bossom friend is named Diana* :) diana

  12. I loved those stories so much.

  13. I'm crazy about Anne of Green Gables. I just checked out Anne of Avonlea on DVD from the library today and plan to watch it with my dd tomorrow.

  14. My favorite story growing up. Now my little girl is old enough to enjoy it!

  15. My favorite story growing up. Now my little girl is old enough to enjoy it!

  16. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Montgomery's Anne books were my favorites growing up as well. I just adored Gilbert Blythe.

    The movies were so well done. I always wanted to have a daughter to share Anne with. Perhaps someday still. :-)

  17. Argh, my second boyfriend came from PEI.

    (On the authority of my Canadian-ness, I can confirm it's off the East coast of Canada)

    I wanted to be Anne when I was a teenager, after watching those tv series, but the boyfriend soon cleared that up. Best forgotten!

    (wild giggles)

  18. I read the series as a child..such good memories!
    thank you :)

  19. This story was my absolute favourite growing up -- I had the whole library, and must have re-read it many times. Like Chelsea, have also travelled to Prince Edward Island, and it's such a pretty, pretty place -- would definitely like to go back to those famous red sands.



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