October 3, 2008

Loving Fridays....

boy are we feeling the heat down under!! Summer isnt even here yet!!
its great to read how the northern hemisphere blogs are getting ready for cooler weather and we're enjoying blue skies and hanging outdoors...i love it when the season changes, its always a welcomed change!

some lovely arty collage prints from Sarap on Etsy
I bought the top one,
'Beaux Carribean' for my friend Melissa's birthday - she's framed it and hung it in her bathroom....nice!!
All his collages are lovely...Yumsicles (just above) is great!
What's summer without an icy lolly to cool things down...i remember heading to the local corner store/milk bar for an icy treat...sticky fingers and stained red lips afterwards...

Can someone tell me what the Blog follwer application is?
is it different to bloglines or google reader subscriptions? I love my bloglines, saves me so much time!! and I just realised recently i have some subsribers to my blog on google reader too - big wave to you all!!!


  1. Hi Anastasia, These are gorgeous illustrations and I note you love Tim Walker too. Gorgeous Blog Carla x

  2. Love these...how different and fun!


  3. Hi Anastasia - another beautiful post. I'm envious of you moving toward summer, just as we wave it goodbye....

  4. i love that Caribbean print, makes me feel like getting out my swimming cap and my one-piece-with-modesty-panel and posing on the shore!
    Here's a thing on blog following: http://help.blogger.com/bin/answer.py?answer=104226

    What I do is go to the Blogger Dashboard, there's a section called "reading list", and you add your favorite blogs there. You can then view them on the dashboard or convert them to Google reader> I don't know if there's a widget to put on your sidebar so people can automatically sign up, but I'll have a look.

  5. I love the top picture, the map overlay is fab! It's been so cold here in England today I've had the heating on all day!

  6. Those prints are great. I have so much trouble getting that depth of field in my collages. The layers seem to sit on top of each other instead of blending together. It drives me nuts.

    Anyway, looks like some more Etsy viewing for me.

  7. Those prints are just lovely! Thanks for sharing...

  8. I love these collages!

  9. Anonymous4:54 AM

    Beautiful collages, enjoy the warmer months for you!


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