December 4, 2008

Lady Like ....Not!!

the silly season is here people!
I can feel the traffic getting worse, people were
rushing and pushing their way around
the shops crazy mother had a complete melt down screaming at her hysterical toddler (gasp!! who's having the tantrum huh?)

Then I had some looney hovering behind my car, man I was peeved off - did he really think that I would drive faster by him doing that - i wasnt doing anything wrong, i was driving at the right speed but no, that wasnt enough!!

He had to drive by my side and tell me off...

well let me tell you - i was NO lady today!! I
@$#*&!!!! him right back.....and honked my
horn too! so there!

*Top image of a Lady - Vogue 1957

*Middle image of Non Lady behaviour by Ellen Von Unwerth

*Bottom image - cool calm collected drawn by me for


  1. Anonymous11:55 PM

    LOL, I know what you mean about those drivers. I usually hate myself after I say something back LOL.I love your drawing,especially a touch of blue with the gloves,very nice!

  2. lol!!! I had to really let out a huge laugh about the driver. You know, an ex co-worker of mine told me what he used to do about those people (and mind me, he was a speeder too). He goes like - if someone is on your tail, dont press the brake, but DO let go of the ha! Peeves them off!

  3. lmao! I love it!!! haha

    I had something simular happen to me recently as well actually.
    I was parked in a carpark and a car wanted my park when they saw that I was about to reverse out. So they parked right behind me with their blinker on, blocking my way out. They then glared at me and looked at me expectantly when I didnt back out!

    Love your blog btw! lol
    Your creative work is amazing!

  4. Well I think it is impossible to always be a lady, especially with jerks like that around.
    I will admit to secretely loving honking my horn. I dont do it often, but boy it makes me feel better when I do, LOL.

  5. Good for you. Who do these people think they are? A few more manners at a busy time of year would be nice, wouldn't it.

    Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog. I am looking forward to a new year. It always feels like a fresh start.

    You drive safe now, no more swearing at nasty blokes.

  6. Ahhh.. I do really miss Christmas (being in Japan), but I certainly don't miss that pre-Christmas craziness! Good on you for yelling back!

  7. haha, good on you! That drawing you did is just lovely - you're one talented lady!

  8. Anonymous11:57 PM

    I sooo wish I could look ( and act) like a 1950's lady!

  9. some drivers can be so rude!! I'm glad you gave it back!

  10. Sometimes ladylike just doesn't do the job! Good on you, I am glad that you gave it to him....I hate aggressive drivers. Thanks for stopping by French Essence xv

  11. Yep! It is all happening out there! People stressing all right! glad you held your own!

  12. :) love the fridge photo

  13. Anonymous3:55 AM

    love your drawing and the photographs above. I am swearing a lot driving - of course because the other people cannot drive. AND I don't even look like a lady...

  14. hahaha! people do get crazy for the holidays. what happened to the peace we should all be feeling at this time?
    love your drawing!

  15. oh my, I know what you mean. I arrived in Sydney last week, and really felt like a country person for the first time since I left... trying to walk along George St I've never been shoulder barged so much in my life. I felt like I was on the footy field. Straight into the Christmas chaos... But I did get to go and look the the David Jones windows with all the kids! :D

  16. Way to go! The nerve of some drivers :) Should have sworn in greek ha ha..

  17. People driving on my tail is one of my biggest pet peeves! Why DO they think I'll drive faster if they get closer?? No doubt this is the busy season and I'll be glad when everything calms down.


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