April 26, 2009

EyeSpy: A Work In Progress....
i always seem to have something in a work in progress stage...i still have a needlecraft project that Ive been doing for a few years now, its beyond embarrasing!
Im currently working on a wholesale order that I hope to finish this week and my little shop despretely needs some new items as its feeling a little neglected right now...
Pip's 'Granny square a day' challenge looks tempting...i always get in a crocheting mood when the weather cools down!

i have yet to finish Nancy's online class, 'Creative mixed media backgrounds', that I enrolled in March - almost two months ago!
I did make sure that I can work on it at my own pace as I know what Im like .... a slow pace thats for sure!
anyway i think its great to have a few creative things going on!
thanks Michelle for this week's theme and be sure to check out Cindy's blog to see who is playing along with EyeSpy!


  1. You have quite a list there, but they all sound so fun

  2. I know what you mean! I have a few non finished and somewhat neglected projects on the go!

  3. I'm fascinated to see your dress shapes. I've been making things with dress shapes lately too.

  4. The dress shapes look great particularly the little one with the cut out hem...yes there's a few wips around here too...

  5. Oh my goodness I don't know how I have never been on your blog before but now I'm here I am really happy! You have so much prettiness to share! I will be here again :)

  6. This looks like it will be amazing when it's done!

    And as for unfinished work... I have more unfinished projects than finished ones!

  7. wow these look wonderful. do you cut them all out by hand? VERY clever! funny you mention your needle work project, I went to lincraft to buy the last bit of wool i need to finish a tapestry I started more than 20 years ago! ha ha ha...why I am doing it now I have no idea? love your blog, and all the fab images!

  8. Your wholesale order looks like lots of fun! I love crocheting my granny squares on these cold evenings!

  9. I likeee the look of those little cut out dresses, wondering what is going to happen to them???

  10. plenty on your wip list to keep you busy :) I like the look of your pretty paper projects.

  11. i am the same way, different projects going on and a very slow pace!
    did you see the vintage crochet coasters i found? they make me want to learn to crochet so badly!
    i love all those little dresses in your photo.


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