May 8, 2009

New Paper goodies....
I finished an order for a brand new shop
thats just opened in Sydney!
i love how people are still following their dreams and goals and I want to wish Justine the owner all the best - we havnt met yet but from her emails she sounds lovely and Ive heard the shop looks absolutely gorgeous!
my Dust friend Emma said she wanted to buy everything in there!
so if you're in Sydney
check out
498a Miller St
I also have some retro gift tags stocked at LaLa Orange in Perth which is another FAB shop so go check it out, support small business and buy something unique!

Apart from more glueing and pasting today, Im planning to make some vegie soup and watch my taped episode of "Mad Men', which is a great series so far...


  1. Beautiful, Beautiful Pieces Anastasia :)

  2. All your pieces are so lovely!

  3. Aww Anastasia! Those journals are adorable!! They are really sweet! As are the rest of your items. I think it's great that your doing more custom orders.

  4. Oh my goodness, you're so prolific. You're almost there at being known and loved Australia wide! :)

    Well done to you, M'lady!

  5. I was serious when I said I wanted to buy everything in there. If I had had an unlimited credit card Justine's shop would be empty!


  6. Oh yay! I did an order for Justine too, she's so lovely to deal with, I hope her business is super successful.

    Your paper goods are so divine, I wonder if they sit next to my birds in Retrospections, I hope so :)

  7. I have also made some items for Justine, I would love to see her shop. My items have almost sold out already! YAY! I love your little dress tags, those journals are gorgeous too!


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