May 6, 2009

Style Challenge
The lovely Viv tagged me with
a 'style challenge': to pick one image that describes my style.

i have so many favourite styles i couldnt possible pick one
but some things that always remain are,

light airy rooms with lots of sunlight , feminine
a little nanna-ish , luxurious ( those purple curtains! Stunning!)
classic with a fresh fun twist
im going to tag
middle: from Domino magazine
bottom: from Country Living
I'll be back later for my 'Wishlist Wednesday' post


  1. oops I actually posted my comment on another entry (although it applied to that one too!) These are all beautiful!

  2. love these ... great style. I truly appreciate such spaces but I can't seem to decorate that way. I'm a magnet for color!

  3. beautiful, I love your style!

  4. Ahh, so beautiful, peaceful and comfy.

  5. I love your style~ That lilac wall paper is to die for!!

  6. Hehe, you cheated! So did I. It's too hard to pick just one room.

    Great choices. I'm dreaming of having a room like the first one. I don't think I would get out of bed though if that were my room.

    Love the lilac touches. You have great style.

    Viv xx

  7. Beautiful sure have style!

  8. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Lovely! you sound like me anastasia, I might like one thing as you said airy and clean,but then I might see a victorian room with lots of things and very colorful.I love the top pick,now that is LOL.

  9. Your style sounds lovely! And like me, appears to include a love for lilac and lavender tones.

    Thanks for the link!

  10. Oh, that gorgeous wallpaper. You have amazing style.

  11. Purple, you can never go wrong with that color. It is my favorite.

  12. Thanks Anastasia! I love your style. I have just done my post =)

  13. thank you for inviting me, a! a challenging one! i will be doing it this week.


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