August 20, 2009

New Cards.....

I recently made a whole bunch of new collage cards, tags and other paper goodies for the awesome Sydney shop 'Retrospections'.
If you're ever in Cammeray, make sure you pop in and say 'hello' to the lovely Justine who is a great supporter of handmade!

my own little Etsy shop is a little neglected right now - im currently making a few retro inspired 'Fathers Day' cards and hope to pop them in the shop by Saturday....the lovely Angela at Leeloo
also stocks my retro girl cards!
so we're counting down to Fathers Day, counting down to Spring, counting down to our NYC life all about counting down? seems that way....have a FAB day everyone!


  1. gorgeous cards as always!! Do you do the illustrations as well? or have you sourced them from vintage/retro places?

  2. Oooh, I love that tweet-tweet card!!! Oh who am I kidding, I love them all :D

  3. Thanks girls!
    MessyFish - they are made using original retro images from the 60's/70's...i draw but im not that good haha!

  4. Lovely as always Anastasia! I adore all your vintage cards, tags etc. So cute and pretty!

  5. Great retro girl cards. thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment too.

  6. Lovely new cards AC!
    Love the one with the birdies and the one with the kids, boy eating an apple.

    I can imagine that ure counting down the days to ur big trip, that is So exciting!:)

  7. Anonymous9:45 PM

    Gorgeous cards as always!!!!!great designs thanks for sharing...

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