August 2, 2009

When you're stressed need chocolate!!

and what better than rich, dense and gooey chocolate brownies
For a good 20 hours my beloved blog had disappeared! vanished!.... gone!!
i was totally stressed, no one at Google was getting back to me,
no one could help.
Apparently i wasnt the only one...but still, i was really freaking out...
ive been blogging for a long time & my blog means a lot to me!
but phew! its back....we're back...I can relax now
brownie recipe - this is from Good Taste 1999 calendar, its the only brownie recipe I use!
150g walnuts - lightly toast then set aside
mix 1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup vegetable oil
3 eggs
1 tsp vanilla essencse
beat until pale
then add 200 g melted cooking chocolate.
sift 1/2 cup plain flour, 1/4 cocoa powder & 1/2 tspn baking powder
over the chocolate mixture and combine with metal spoon. fold in your walnuts
then bake in lined tin in a preheated oven (170 degrees celsius) for 35mins
remove and cool in pan, turn onto board then cut into large squares. Enjoy!


  1. I heard someone that had completely backed up their blog (don't know how you do it?) I know someone else that use to print their's out and bind it in annuals - seems like a good idea. How scary - thanks though for the recipie - looks delish

  2. Oh, geez. I had only dealt with my blog not updating in Google Reader for like a week. I can't imagine if it totally disappeared. Scary!!
    Is it bad that I want these brownies and its 9am? hahaha.

  3. Omg, those brownies look SO good. I want them, too, and it's ony 9:25am!

  4. yum! lucky for us your blog is back!

  5. Anonymous2:42 AM

    Welcome back!Oh yes Chocolate is good for stress,lol.I just love brownies.I eat them once in a while cause I dont eat sweets often.I enjoy them warm with some icecream on top,to good.Thanks for this recipe I copied it down.Enjoy your day!

  6. Whew! That would have been stressful-glad you got ti all back-great looking recipe

  7. i agree, chocolate helps every bit! I hope you enjoyed every bite of it hehe!

  8. Yum! Those brownies look awesome. I am glad you got your blog back.

  9. Those brownies look delicious and make me want to make some. Yum!
    I saw that your blog was gone and I was shocked! I'm so glad it's back though =)

  10. Im SO glad ur blog is up and running again!:)

    And that brownie looks delicious!!
    I Hate walnuts tho!;P I might have to leave them out..

  11. what a nightmare about the blog! brownies look good though- it would have helped a little...

  12. I use that recipe too. Yummo!!
    Good to see you back xo

  13. You have been nominated for a "One Lovely Blog" award! Check out more details here on my blog:

  14. With a dollop of the favorite icecream on top? Yeah, I'd love some too :)

    I experienced some sort of problem with my blog too but it fixed.

  15. OMG yummy yummy nom nom :)

  16. I made this yesterday for work and it went down a treat!

  17. Dude, they look scrumptious.
    I'm actually going to clear my schedule tomorrow morning so I can make them. Perfect for a picnic in the rain, wouldn't you say?

  18. Blah...I once completely messed up my blog, twiddling with the format..I was hyperventilating for over an hour while I figured out how to get it all back. Luckily, I had backed it up BEFORE I messed around. I couldn't imagine 20 hours of mad panic!! :o

    Reminds me...better go back up a current template NOW!!


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