September 4, 2009

The Goddess

This was the theme for 'A Fashionable Challenge' a couple of week's back.
I wanted my goddess to look like she was from another time, another place....

The tiny Island of Cyprus where my family originates is known as the Island of love .....
legend has it Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love
rose from the sea foam and its where she spent her days chasing (stalking) her Adonis and seducing him with her love and beauty....

Near the undeveloped rocky west coast of the island there is a natural grotto, 'the baths of Aphrodite'... tourists flock there as its magic waters will give you eternal beauty...

I miss Cyprus, i miss its beauty, its friendly locals, the sunshine, the stunning beaches...most of all I miss my grandparents. My mother is flying over there next month to spend some time with her parents, im really happy she is going, she needs to be with them and they need her right now as well....

*Top illustration by me
*Middle - Italian Vogue
*Bottom - USA Vogue


  1. Beautiful drawing Anastasia!!! Wish I was so talented.

  2. Stunning drawing. Looking at her makes me feel as though I'm living in her world. Beautiful.

  3. that illustration is so gorgeous!

  4. Such ethereal beauty! I love greek mythology, I find it fascinating. Such a gorgeous drawing!

  5. Hi koukla mou ~ I absolutely love your drawing.
    Thanks for sharing the little titbit about Cyprus...the place where my Godmother is from. I can't wait to visit one day!
    I'm so happy for your Mum, may she have a safe and wonderful trip, spending it with her beloved parents...I can totally understand.
    xo, Kali

  6. I gasped when I read that the top illustration yours. Truly amazing. I'm sure you wish you were going with your Mom.

  7. Beautiful illustration & the last photo reminds me of swan lake :)

  8. Lately, images of Greece have been everywhere I look, and I have now added it to my list of someday destinations. I think, most of all, I want to go into the sea there. I want to swim in water that color. :p

  9. I love your drawing...I wish I could draw!!


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