October 13, 2009

Blogtoberfest - Day 13
ohhh when does school start again??
these kids are driving me na-nahs (short for bananas)

i had two days at home since they are on school holidays with so many plans and activities in mind, ready for 'us' to do (all jolly good fun...) but I think Ive spent all my time seperating them from killing each other - boys will boys right?
we've had lots of 'Time out' sessions today - I think I need a strong cup of tea some panadol!

i have been cooking loads though
when we were overseas recently i got so sick & tired of eating out at Restaurants (is that even possible??) and I missed playing in the kitchen baking, making and serving ...my dad bought round some fresh vegetables from their garden and my neighbour gave me two bags of celery from hers
so I made some yummy soup (which only I ended up eating?!) and roasted vegies ...its not all healthy though, i went through a bag (yes, a bag!!) of M&Ms in 2 days...not good!

Do you like my new apron - it was made by Rachelle who runs MiaHenry, we did a swap back in September...too cute! i love her new range of cushions too!

Fresh radishes just wash and add salt - delicious!


  1. How nice of your dad and neighbour? We've got a vegie patch but we rarely eat from it (bad us!) although today I did cut off some lettuce leaves for our salad.

    Happy cooking :)

  2. It is certainly soup weather again.
    It looks yummy - and such a pretty plate.

  3. Nice apron! I hear you about the school holidays!! Help!! You've inspired me to try some radish, I've actually never eaten a radish on it's own like that. I'm the only one who will eat soup in my house too, so I usually freeze it in portions in zip lock bags.

  4. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Love the apron and the bowl is gorgeous! I went through a bag of corn chips in one go I think it's a female thing :)

  5. Thanks Michelle
    my bowls are Cath Kidston- arent they pretty!!?? I found them at a warehouse sale for $5 each - great bargain!
    oh im a sucker for corn chips too...i refuse to buy them as i know i'll eat them!

  6. Sounds like my house when the girls were on holidays. Enjoy the rest of the holidays because if you're like me you'll probably miss them when they go back too

  7. I can totally relate to getting sick of eating out. We did a 6 week trip years ago and I was desperate for home cooked meals by the end of it.

  8. Lovely apron AC! and I know how hard it is to resist chocolate cravings :)

  9. omg! we just got that same fabric that your apron is made from in stock! it's so kitsch / retro :)

  10. Yummy soup! I think a home cooked meal is great. No matter how many times you eat out. That apron is adorable and makes me wish I would play in the kitchen more.

    Hope the boys are playing nicely =)


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