October 5, 2009

Hit the Road Jack......
We were lucky to have an extra day off today but the wet weather had us indoors most of the weekend.
The boys were getting bored and restless so after breakfast this morning we decided to ignore the rain and head out for a long drive....
we drove to Bowral, a small town about an hour south of Sydney....the weather held out and we visited the local tulip festival, walked around the main street - some lovely shops - and had lunch in a cosy cafe.... a nice day out!
coming home we drove through pockets of rain and its still raining now as Im blogging but at least I have my warm pyjamas on...its not all fun though - i have a pile of ironing waiting for me....sigh....
so its ironing and TV for me tonight and back to work tommorow!


  1. He he... I did a huge pile of ironing last night too! The only way I could persuade myself to do it was to use some pomegranate-scented ironing water... the whole house smelt delicious!

    Glad you had a break in the clouds!


  2. wonderful photos! i hope the laundry wasn't that bad.

  3. tulip festival!!!! "sigh" I adore tulips, they're my favorite!!

  4. The Bowral Tulip Festival was the the first holiday my husband and I went on together, over 14 years ago, I was 23 and pregnant with my daughter and our old Triumph broke down on some country road, smoke pouring out of the bonnet. Thanks for the memory, makes me feel a bit old though!


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