November 25, 2009

...and some more joy...

Ive been featured on Amanda's gorgeous blog this week, you can see the post HERE - Thanks so much Amanda!

and a big thanks to Gracie, Michelle and Poke Salad Annie for giving me blog awards, i really appreciate it and Im so thankful for ALL my blog friends and readers...i hope to organise a little giveaway soon too - its been a while since the last one ...just a small way to say 'thanks'!


  1. Spectacular photo, wow! Love love love Linda Evangelista, she looks amazing in any style.

    And congratulations on being featured on such a beautiful blog :)

  2. I'm so glad :) I just adore your blog Anastasia! I will have to check out your feature when I get home.

    PS I'm having a giveaway :)

  3. Angela - i love Linda too!! she;s one of my favourite models!

    Gracie - I entered your giveaway! thanks!

  4. This is one beautiful photo!! x


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