November 1, 2009

Eye Spy: Shoes
here are my new Summer flats....i was on the hunt for some silver flats but found these in NYC last month, they're a mix of gold & silver metallic leather - soft and comfy! they were on sale too, so thats always a good thing!

and here are some bargain satin heels that I found in Target (im no shoe snob!) a few years ago - i still like them a lot!
in winter I wear them with opaque stockings and a summer I wear them with black tailored pants and a Tshirt or a straight knee length skirt...cute & cheap!

for more EyeSpy: Shoe posts head on over to Cindy's can join in too!


  1. Gorgeous shoes, and thanks for revealing what you wear them with, I love an educational post!

  2. Cute cute! I'm a huge fan of flats and I always buy them. Yours are very sweet.

  3. Sweet silver flats. They look both stylish & comfy... exactly what you want in a pair of shoes.

  4. Ooo! Lovely shoes!

  5. Very cute shoes! You've made me feel like shopping... :)

  6. Flats rock! And yeah I wouldn't knock Target either.... my pink winter flats are the greatest! Great theme. x

  7. oooooooh the silver shoes... me likie!!

  8. oooohhhh ahhhhh. I have needed a bit of inspiration from the big smoke! My fashion sense has been dwindling. I love the silver flats!!


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