February 26, 2010

End of Summer
we're almost at the end of another season - the mornings are a little crisper now and the change is definetely in the air....Summer is on its way out
and before you know it Autumn will be here!

i love what a new cooler season brings planning new
food menus with the seasonal fruit and vegetables,
maybe a new fragrance, a darker richer haircolour ...or even a new pair of sturdy boots

I will however miss walking barefoot on my cool kitchen tiles and eating lunch outdoors, balmy summer evening strolls...
So until we meet again, Goodbye Summer!

*Top illustration by me
* Middle Image - Con Poulos
*Bottom illustration by me Magic Magic Magic on Flickr


  1. Ah you echo my sentiments exactly! Autumn is my favourite season - I just love it when the sun is shining, the skies are clear blue and the temperature is cool and crispy! But yes, I will miss kicking back outside on balmy nights, and all the lovely summer fruits and vegies from my garden :)

  2. well i'm glad we'll soon be doing the opposite..although not soon enough...tired of the 5 layers of clothes and blankets and STILL being cold lol.

  3. Anonymous4:48 AM

    I am with you Shelle - I just came in from shoveling 5" of new snow. Please hurry spring!

  4. your illustrations are beautiful dear!! i can't wait for autumn!!!!!

  5. Until next year then...

    Love your illustration.


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